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Name of Activity:

Dr. Seuss Comes to the Gym

Purpose of Activity:

To perform various motor activities to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday/ coordinate with the "Read Across America" program.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

tumbling mats, cones, bean bags, scooters, stilts or hi-steppers, mini tramp or hoppers, frisbees, jump ropes, soccer/nerf ball, floor tape, low balance beam, station signs, music, stopwatch, Dr. Seuss books

Description of Idea

Students are divided into 10 groups & are assigned to a station. Signs with directions are posted at each station. Students will have one minute to perform the assigned task. For class management, begin and end each station activity with music.

Station 1: "The Cat in the Hat" -- In a single file, students will run a weave pattern around three cones - simulating the movements of Thing 1 & Thing 2. Repeat until the cue to rotate is sounded.

Station 2: "Yertle Turtle" -- Students will crawl on hands & knees across two tumbling mats - moving like Yertle. Repeat.

Station 3: "Go Dogs Go" -- Students will ride the scooter around a cone & back (driving like the dogs in the story).

Station 4: "Hop on Pop" -- Students will bounce four times on the mini tramp/hopper. The 2nd time it’s their turn, they will bounce five times. The 3rd time, they will bounce six times.

Station 5: "The Shape of Me & Other Stuff" -- Students will run around the circle, then the square, then the triangle. (shapes made on the floor with floor tape) Repeat.

Station 6: "Green Eggs & Ham" -- Students will carry and/or balance a Frisbee (upside down) that contains 2 green bean bags & a small green ball. They will go down and around the cone and back. Repeat.

Station 7: "The King’s Stilts" -- Students will walk on stilts/hi-steppers to the cone & back. Repeat

Station 8: "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" -- Students will ride on their scooter face down & pretend to swim (using their arms & legs) to the cone & back. Repeat

Station 9: "The Foot Book" -- Students will use their feet to dribble a soccer/nerf ball to the cone & back.

Station 10: "Ten Apples on Top" -- Students will place a red bean bag on their head and walk across the low balance beam (or walk along a line on the floor). On their 2nd turn, students place 2 bean bags on their head. On their 3rd turn, they attempt to walk with 3 bean bags balanced on their head.

Assessment Ideas:

At the end of the lesson, have the students recall a favorite Dr. Seuss book and state the activity that coordinates with the book.

"Home(work)fun:" Encourage the students to preferably read the book to a family member or tell the story and then demonstrate the motor activity that aligns with the book.

Teaching Suggestions:

Work with classroom teachers, or the librarian, to ensure each of the named books/ and or chapter is read prior to the activity.

Have older students assist at stations to remind the younger students what they are supposed to do.

Have a copy of each of the books at the appropriate station.

Submitted by gloria jaremko who teaches at Clermont Elementary School in Quarryville, PA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 4/26/2008.
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Dr. Seuss Comes to the Gym

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This is awesome! Thank you for sharing! I am not a PE teacher, but will use these ideas in our afterschool program.

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