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Name of Activity:

Dance Combinations for the Non-Dancers (Feb. 08)

Purpose of Activity:

To perform an aerobic rhythmic routine in which students are working in their target heart rate zone for a sustained period of time.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

CD player and music that is between 120-160 beats per minute. A portable microphone is almost a necessity in order to protect your vocal cords and still be able to cue above the music.

Recommended music:

Any upbeat music between 120-160 beats per minute will work. Some examples include music from one of these two Web sites: and Additionally, ITunes also has an assortment of music. Type in “workout music” in the search area and numerous items will come up. Specific single song titles include: YMCA by the Village People, Beat It, Pretty Young Thing and Billie Jean all by Michael Jackson. Check out the sound tracks to High School Musical 2, especially “All for One” and “What Time Is It?”

Beginning dance formation:

scattered or line dance formation

Description of Idea

These moves will be easy to cue, easy to teach and are guaranteed to raise heart rates, energy and enthusiasm. Try using the cue words and see how easily your class learns the movements.

1-8 Sliding to the R - - Step R, together L, step R, together L. Do 2 jumping jacks.

1-8 Reverse Moving to the L - - Step L, together R, step L, together R. Do 2 jumping jacks.

1-8 "Pick the Apples from the Tree" -- Use the R hand to reach above the head and "pick an apple" (reach up, pull down - 2 counts).
Do the same with the L hand (reach up, pull down - 2 counts).
Repeat R and L.

1-8 "Put the Apples in the Basket" -- Use the R hand and "put the apple in the basket" by the L foot - 2 counts.
Do the same with the L hand and "put the apple in the basket" by the R foot - 2 counts.
Repeat R and L.


Try adding these movements to get heart rates up even more and challenge the advanced dancers and those students who may be more physically fit:

1-8 Run 4 steps forward RLRL, Run 4 steps in place RLRL- When running forward pick up your "basket of apples" and bring it over your head. While running in place keep your basket above your head!

1-8 4 “pogo jumps” RLRL- (Pogo jumps are 2 counts each. They are just jumps to the R side and to the L.) Be sure to keep your basket above your head!

Repeat these last 2 sets of 8 running backwards, in place and doing the “pogo” jumps.

*** You can even make this a line dance by adding a 1/4 turn to the R on the last 2 pogo jumps. Repeat the combination facing a new direction!

Assessment Ideas:

After completing the dance (Keep up the movement for the length of one song, 4-5 minutes), have students check heart rates. Are they in their target heart rate zones?

Submitted by Brenda Goodwin who teaches at Missouri State University in Springfield, MO. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 1/26/2008.
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Dance Combinations for the Non-Dancers (Feb. 08)

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John Bennett, UNCW,

Easy to understand and do with students. This will work fine. Well done. John

Jan Bierschbach

I love this rhythmic activity! It is easy to understand and will work well for children of all ages!

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