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Name of Activity:

Razzle Dazzle Football

Purpose of Activity:

To teach students the value of using short passes to move down the football field.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Cones for the two fields, nerf football, regular football (only if appropriate) for some classes, pinnies or different shirts to identify teams.

Description of Idea

Divide your class into four even teams. Play on two fields that are side by side if you can. (If you have to go with just two teams that is fine also). A good length of the field is about 50 yards. If you have uneven sides then have a person rotate in on every play so one will be sitting out on one play.

To begin the game have a throw or a kick off. The team that has the ball has 4 downs to bring the ball down the field over the end line. Downs happen when the person with the ball is tagged or when the ball is thrown to another teammate and the ball is dropped.

Teams then line-up on each side of the ball and the ball is passed back to the quarterback and the game begins immediately. The quarterback must be rotated until everyone has had a chance to be quarterback. Anyone may tag the person with the ball.

Upon scoring, the games begin with a kick or throw-off by the scoring team. Interceptions are allowed and the team catching the ball starts at the place they intercepted it and it is from there that they get their four downs. If a team does not score in four downs the ball is kicked or thrown off to the other team.

Throughout the playing of the game it is important for the teacher to give feedback about throwing and catching but more important give feedback and demonstrate on occassion how important it is to complete shorter passes during this game. Throwing 4 straight long passes usually doesn't work well.


In addition to the 4 downs to speed things up you may give the teams a time limit as well. That tends to quicken things up.

Give extra points to the teams for sportmanship. For example, if you don't see excessive celebration on scores then give that team an extra point. Take points away from teams for poor sportsmanship.

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Submitted by Janelle Schumacher who teaches at Centennial Elementary School in Fargo, ND. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 9/3/2008.

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played in middle school years ago, loved it, which is why I found this. after reading comments, I see she failed to mention the difference between this and standard football is you can pass to anyone from anywhere at any time. that's the Razzle dazzle part, you just keep the ball moving to win, great way to teach teamwork is better than individual play.


The razzle and dazzle comes from the kids when you tell them there are no first downs like in regular football! Great game


there is no razzle or dazzle its just football?!


this is cool

William Martin

This games is a great game that people would love to play


where is the razzle? This is just regular flag/touch football