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Name of Activity:

Wammi Ball

Purpose of Activity:

To practice volleyball skills and communication while in a small game-like situation.


Students need to have had instruction and practice with the forearm pass and the underhand serve in volleyball. It is also important that the teacher has told them how to properly communicate so as one player knows when to hit the ball.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

One volleyball trainer, beach ball, or volleyball (only for the kids that are skilled enough) per small group, nets, and/or cones with jump ropes for dividers.

Description of Idea

Before students arrive set up either one large court or several small courts either using 2 nets or cones with jump ropes in them (ropes work for the smaller sized courts where there are 2-4 students in each quarter of the court). The two nets need to cross each other in the middle just like in 4-way volleyball. Therefore, there will be four quarters that make up the playing area.

Depending on the size that you chose to make your courts have 2-4 students assigned to each quarter of the court (so 8-16 per court). This activity is very similar to volleyball with the object of the game to strike the ball over the net. Each team can choose to hit the ball to any of the three opponents side after an underhand serve starts the game. Allow unlimited hits to get the ball over the net. If a team makes a mistake (i.e., they hit the ball out, in to the net, or they miss a serve) they receive a "wammi". During the course of the playing time each team is trying to get the LEAST number of "wammis" possible. The team who loses the previous poin will have the right to serve the next point.


Play for a certain period of time and then start game over or make switches in teams if you need to.

Use lower nets if possible.

All students need to use the forearm pass for every strike of the ball.

Allow server to move closer to net if they need it.

Use the badminton lines as boundaries instead of the basketball lines

Teaching Suggestions:

Stop the activity periodically to talk about spacing and communication.

Encourage students not to bunch up (especially if playing on a big court with the full class).

Have students communicate when the ball comes to them "Mine", "I got it". Take wammis away from teams who practice this a lot.

Don't count the wammis or make a big deal about them.

Submitted by Carol Ross who teaches at Harding Academy in Nashville, TN. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 10/1/2001.
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Wammi Ball

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