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Name of Activity:

Giant Volleyball

Purpose of Activity:

To have students practice their volleyball skills in a modified game setting.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Volleyball net and standards, slo-mo ball (33 1/2" in diameter)

Description of Idea

Select two even teams. Volleyball rules are used in everything except the serve, the height of the net, and these modified rules also include allowing the ball to bounce once after the serve on the receiving side of the net. Lower the net to 4'. Start the activity by allowing the server to serve underhanded from anywhere on their side of the court.

In addition, the server may bounce the ball once due to the large size of the ball and they may use two hands. Students take their turns serving after a point is won or it goes to the other team if the point is not won by the serving team.

The receiving team may choose to let the ball bounce once before hitting it or they may hit it in the air. Teams only score on the serve. It is up to the teacher if you want the player to "rotate" or not. Students are expected to play their area of the court (may want to put poly spots down so they know their area). Keeping score is optional. Many students just like to play for fun.

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Have several small games set up using large cones and jump ropes as nets.

Before it can go back to the other side the ball has to be hit at least twice by the same team.

Submitted by Adam Weinbaum who teaches at Stowers Elementary School in Fort Benning, GA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 11/2/2001.
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Giant Volleyball

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By changing the "score only when you serve" rule to rally scoring, the kids learn the actual scoring of volleyball. The same with the rotating. By having them rotate and score the same as volleyball, it is an actual lead up game for volleyball.


Thanks for the lesson. I can't believe that only one lesson is available under the category of volleying sports - grades 3-5. How is this possible?

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