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Name of Activity:

Plus One Volleyball

Purpose of Activity:

For students to move towards the ball while maintaining a body position that permits them to pass the ball to their team mates.


Students need to have some skill in executing the forearm pass(bumping) and the volley. Students should also be able to under hand serve.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

  • One volleyball net for every 8-12 students
  • One volleyball for each net

    Description of Idea

    Divide the class into teams of 4 to 6. Arrange teams in formation on each side of the net, two groups at each net. A player serves the ball over the net. The receiving team must now play the ball twice before they may return the ball. The serving team must now play the ball three times before they are allowed to return the ball over the net. Play continues as each team forces the other side to "plus one" the previous achievement. Only the serving team scores points and players may not play the ball twice in succession. Players must take turns serving the ball.

    Teaching Suggestions:

    Emphasize moving the feet and getting the body at a low level.

    Observe whether student are moving towards the ball while maintaining a body position that permits them to pass the ball to their team mates.

    If students cannot pass the ball more than twice, see the adaptions below.

    Adaptations for Students with Disabilities

    Have students move closer to the net when serving.

    Allow students to catch the ball instead of using the volley/bump.

    Allow the ball to bounce in between passes.

    Lower the net.

    Use a beachball.

    Submitted by Evert TenBruggencate who teaches at Immanuel Christian School, Aylmer, Ontario Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 10/1/2001.
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    Plus One Volleyball

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    Earlier I thought differently, thanks for an explanation.

    Yours Truly

    I hope the first three comments were not from real P.E. teachers. "Surve" "tema" "practic"


    that was a very great idea you guys have put class loves it!!!! they are always telling me they want to play PLUS ONE VOLLEYBALL!!!!they all get great excercise....THANK YOU PE CENTRAL:)!


    What happens if the recieving team does not complete the number of passes? Does the serving team keep the ball or does the serving tema them have to complete that number?

    mary ann izzibella peters

    a good way to practic your surve is to take your ball and surve it agenst a wall this will get your surve more powerful and higher


    i think that this was an awesome lesson plan.

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