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Name of Activity:

Triangle Tag

Purpose of Activity:

To have students work together and practice their chasing, fleeing, and dodging skills.

Suggested Grade Level:

4th and Up

Materials Needed:

Cones to identify playing area

Description of Idea

Have students form groups of three and join hands. The fourth group member will be outside the circle of three that are holding hands. He/She will be the chaser. Designate one person in the circle as the person that the chaser will try and tag.

On the teachers signal the chaser will try and tag the designated person in the group. The group holding hands will work together to try and protect the taggee. Play for a designated amount of time and if they tag the taggee then witch roles.


Have the circled group hook elbows instead of hands.

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Submitted by Ken Bell. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 8/29/2001.

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Previous Comments:


Played this with a mix of older elementary and middle schoolers. The mix of each group made all the difference. Had very rough boys who pulled and hurt the poor tagee they were protecting but also had better groupings that laughed like crazy.


I've been looking for some new ideas that don't require much equipment. This should work for a large range of learners. I'm goint to try it. At the least it will make a good warm up game.


looks like a great communitave skill

Davonte Dawkins

I'm going to try this with my students here at camp CPV. I think their really going to enjoy it.


Just executed this activity with my students and it as a success. There was fun, skills were enhanced and it kept them busy as well. Good job.


sounds very interesting. Going to try it in a few minutes with my class. I'll let you know how it goes.


Worked well for 1st-4th grades. 5th grade got bored quickly. I called it Circle Tag because we had some groups of 5 or 6.


hey it was vry fasicnating and my daughter enjoyed it very much me n her i lost 7 pounds omg!!!


it was intersting!!!!!=d :*)

kisses bae


To keep the students in the same spot I will sometimes place a bowling pin in the middle of the three holding hands. If they knock that over, it is the same as being tagged. It adds an extra challenge!


this game looks awesome. I will totes play it!


this game is awesome! I think everyone should play it! It is a great game for your children to learn to play safe.


i played this at cross country! fun! im usin it for my gym project


i LOVE this game so much fun

Olajunti Mccullough

it is an exciting game

Kristin Bell

I am a resident student in arlington tx and i tried this lesson with 7th and 8th graders... the class is boys and girls and they had a lot of problems with this game because they didn't like holding hands and having to be so close to each other... maybe this would be a better game for elementary or high school... i thought it was a great game though


Sounds like a good game I think I might actually try this one because it sounds fascinating! *Love Always* Oh and PE is the best!!!


A variation is to use a neck tie (or other type of flag/scarf) and have the tagee place in back of waistband, hanging out as a "tail". The tagger has to try and grab the tail. I played this myself, great work-out, and fun! I think Kevin misunderstood - tagee is not inside the circle but is the third person holding hands. Tagger is outside circle, the circle is moving clockwise and counterclockwise as needed to keep tagee away from tagger. Also, circle should not be moving across the floor but should just be spinning, remaining in the same area. Tagger makes quick movements left and right, faking, and trying to get around to tag tagee (or grab tail). My legs were like jelly after this!


This is a great instant activity it really works out good. Why would they fall over??? You just need to make directions clear and have a demonstration. any good pe teacher knows that.

Kevin Webster

Wouldn't the group of 3 almost be hugging the tagee, and wouldn't the tagger have to strike the group of three over the head or shoulders to get at the taggee, and wouldn't they just fall over if thier legs all became tangled?


Is there a history for this game?

Triangle Tag