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Name of Activity:

Chickens To the Rescue

Suggested Grade Level:

K - 2

Materials Needed:

2 nerf balls use to tag, 4 to 6 rubber chickens, 2 or 3 hola hoop for the Chicken Coop, the story “Chickens to the Rescue” by John Himmelman, CD player and music like 'Dance of the Little Bird'.

Description of Idea

Build the Chicken Coop (a hoop) outside the playing area. It is preferable to have 2 or 3 Coops scattered around and place a couple of rubber chickens in each hoop.

Quickly read the story (if you want) and then begin the game with the music.

Two 'taggers' carry one ball each and tag players while they move inside the designated boundaries. Once tagged (frozen), the student must stand in place and raise hands above his or her head.

Another player will fetch a rubber chicken from the "Chicken Coop" outside the playing field, and run with it over to the frozen player and say “Chickens to the rescue!” and hand the frozen student the chicken which thaws them. The "unfrozen" player then returns the chicken to the "Chicken Coop" and returns to the game.


Vary locomotor movements.

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Submitted by Jutta Galbraith who teaches at Mills Lawn Elementary School in Yellow Springs, OH. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 8/26/2007.

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This game is too much fun

Amber Binney

A nice way to incorporate some literacy with the students.