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Name of Activity:

Toss Across Lacrosse

Purpose of Activity:

To practice throwing and catching, with a lacrosse stick, in a game situation.

Activity cues:

Remind the students what bucket is theirs by saying "go right to the bucket when you catch a ball".


Previous practice with throwing and catching should have taken place.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

One lacrosse stick for each student, cones, 4 buckets, 40-50 tennis balls, pinnies/jerseys.

Description of Idea

Set up: Use cones to mark the game fields that are a little more then twice as long as they are wide, i.e. 20' x 30'; 40' x 60'.

Make a line down the middle of the field.

Place two empty buckets on each side of the midline and two buckets on the middle of the endline. Two different colors make it easier for the students.

The balls should be split between the two buckets on the endlines and there should be enough tennis balls so the throwers have at least three throws or more.

If space and equipment allow, use small-sided games of 4-6 students per team, two teams per field, each wearing their own color jersey.

Each team should divide into an equal number of throwers and catchers.
Throwers go to the bucket of tennis balls, on the endline.
Catchers start opposite the midline from the throwers.

On the signal, throwers throw tennis balls over the opponent's catchers, to their catching teammates.
If caught without hitting the ground, the catcher places the tennis ball in the bucket to the right of the midline (or their color bucket).

Any balls that are not caught can be picked up by the nearest throwers once the bucket of tennis balls is empty. They must go back to the endline to throw.

Continue to play until one team has placed 10 balls into the bucket or a certain time limit has expired.

Switch catchers and throwers after each game.

Click here for diagram and more explanation.


A defender can be added to each catching side to knock down any balls attempting to be caught.

Assessment Ideas:

Teachers can observe proper throwing and catching lacrosse skills.
Teachers may use a skills check sheet while observing the skills.
Teachers may have students complete a self-assessment for skills, social support, or any other redeemable quality.

Teaching Suggestions:

No body contact is allowed.

The catchers need to be aware the direction the balls are going since there will be so many in the air at one time.

The teacher will have to be in a place so they can check to make sure the caught balls are placed in the bucket.

Use XL pockets and balls.

Use softer balls.

Allow students to use scoops rather the sticks.

Submitted by Pete Anderson who teaches at The Harker School in San Jose, CA. Additional authors for this idea were Jeremiah Brewer. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 1/28/2009.
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Toss Across Lacrosse

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Previous Comments:

Linda Rossler

Great activity to work on catching and throwing skills. Used t for Grades 3-5, did not see it as usafe at all. Use scoops and/or yarn balls for adapted kids.


Unsafe, people will get hit in the back of the head or back. Impossible to keep everyone in a class that aware. Use yarn balls instead of tennis balls.

Pete Anderson

Recently played this game on the tennis courts...worked great!! Tennis balls were flying everywhere, but were well contained. Beginners were able to catch off one bounce.

Linda Johnson

Kudos!!!! I am starting to introduce this sport, and love the ability to keep everyone engaged. Any other ideas I would love to hear about.

Chris monteleone

What a great game!!! I used it in 3rd, 4th and 5th as well. Good with scoopers too!

Alexandra Little

What about Adapted PE students?

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