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Name of Activity:

Clogged Arteries

Academic content:



The students need an understanding of the terms cholesterol, heart rate, and artery.

Suggested Grade Level:

3 -5

Materials Needed:

5 wrist bands or scrimmage vests, 2 or 3 red hula hoops

Description of Idea

Choose 5 students to be the taggers. These students wear the wrist bands. Place 2 or 3 red hula hoops outside of the playing area to represent an artery.

If a student is tagged, he/she becomes a piece of cholesterol and goes over to an artery. When there are 3 pieces of cholesterol in an artery (this means it is clogged), the students join hands, jump and say "I am heart smart". Once they do this three times, they are back in the game. This symbolizes that exercise can help reduce cholesterol levels.

Change taggers every few minutes and do a pulse check.

Assessment Ideas:

Review the terms cholesterol, heart rate, and artery. Ask the following questions during your cooldown time:

1. What do the hula hoops represent with students in them? Ans. Clogged arteries
2. Why did I have you do an exercise in the artery to get back in the game? Ans: Exercise is one way to reduce high cholesterol.
3. What is another way to reduce high cholesterol? Ans: Eating healthy foods.
4. Is running good for your heart? Ans: Yes, it is a good cardiovascular activity which helps strengthen the heart muscle.

Submitted by Debbie Lavner who teaches at Leighton Elementary School in Oswego, NY. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 8/31/2007.
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Clogged Arteries

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