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Name of Activity:

Red Ribbon Locomotor Stations (for Drug Free America Week)

Purpose of Activity:

To integrate activities that enforce saying no to drugs during red ribbon week.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Polyspots (1-10), small pieces of paper, pencils, bucket or basket (I use a witches pot to similize the pot at the end of the rainbow), large dice, masking tape, marker, jump ropes, worksheets, cones, crayons.

Description of Idea

This idea came about when I was in the middle of teaching locomotor skills during red ribbon week. These activities could easily be adapted to other skills. These stations were done for 1-5th grades. Station 2 became Turn Away from Drugs and I did an agility line. Station 3 became don't toss your life away and instead of hopping they tossed the dice. Station 5 became Push to be Drug Free and they did push ups. Station 6 became Dribble on Drugs and they practiced dribbling a basketball.

8 Stations to promote Red Ribbon Week while reinforcing Locomotor Skills.

* Station 1: Leap for your Dreams.
Equipment: Small pieces of paper, pencils, polyspots, bucket or basket
Have small pieces of paper and pencils. Have the students write down a dream, fold it in half and then leap through the "clouds" (polyspots) to the "pot" and drop their dream in. I allow each student to do 2 dreams.

* Station 2: Slide away from drugs.
Equipment: 2 cones, a sign the says "Drugs" and a sign that says "Drug Free"
Mark one cone with a Drugs Sign and mark another with a Drug Free sign. Have students Slide from the Drugs cone to the Drug Free cone and then run back and do it again!

* Station 3: Hop for Happiness
Equipment: Dice, pencils, paper
Each student gets a die, a pencil, and a piece of paper. Roll the die and then do that many hops (example...if they roll a 4, they hop 4 times). After they hop they write down that many things that make them happy. These could be people, places, things, or activities. (back the example...roll a 4, do 4 hops, write down 4 things). Keep rolling until it is time do switch.

* Station 4: Run away from drugs
Equipment: none
Have the students run laps or exercise until it is time to switch.

* Station 5: Drug Free is What I want to be.
Equipment: crayons, I printed out a sheet that says "Drug Free is What I want to be" in bubble letters.
The students color in the letters and then they can hang it on their door or refrigerator at home.

* Station 6: Skip over Drugs
Equipment: masking tape, marker
Take strips of masking tape and put them on the floor. Spread them out in the area you have for this station. On each piece of tape write down harmful drugs. When the students are at this station tell them to skip over the drugs (kind of like a different way of stomping on them)

* Station 7: Walk on to better things.
Equipment: cone, Paper and pencil
Have the students walk from the cone or walk a pattern to the paper and pencil. Once they get there have them make a list of things that they could do instead of doing drugs.

* Station 8: Jump to a healthy life.
Equipment: jump ropes
Have the students jump rope. If they cannot jump rope then lay the ropes on the floor and have them jump over them.

I have my students take their papers with them from station to station and put them under the cones. This way they don't end up blowing all over the floor! The classroom teachers are told what they were working on and a lot of them take the information and carry it over to the classroom.

Submitted by Melissa Humphrey in Wlimington, DE. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 1/27/2007.
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Red Ribbon Locomotor Stations (for Drug Free America Week)

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