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Purpose of Activity:

To have students work together and have them gain a better understandig of what it is like to have a disability.

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Materials Needed:

Cones to identify playing area

Description of Idea

Have students find a partner and find a good self space in the activity area. One partner is in front and the other is behind with their hands on top of the front persons shoulders. The front person is to close their eyes or use a blindfold. Have the partner "drive" their partner around without "crashing" into other cars (i.e., classmates). This should be done walking. The person with their eyes closed can put their hands up for bumpers if they want. Also, the "driver" can tap on the head for a horn if there is "traffic."

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Submitted by Ken Bell in Blacksburg, VA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 11/2/2001.

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alt- have the students go into two teams and make a "track" for them to go around. First team with all members to crosser the line in the winners. Can also have a "pit stop" where the driver and the "car" switch places.