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Name of Activity:

Frogs and Ants

Purpose of Activity:

This game is a cooperative game in which students have to help their fellow classmate in order for the game to continue.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

1-3 pinnies; 5-8 hula hoops

Description of Idea

Before playing the game, explain the rules and how students will need to cooperate--work together safely and nicely--in order for it to be successful. The rules are:

A few "frogs" will be chosen. At the signal, the frogs move around and try to tag the ants. When tagged, the ant must lay on their back with their feet and hands extended in the air. At this point, the ants that have not been tagged can try to "save" their fellow ants by getting four ants to carry and set the "hurt" ant inside a lily pad (have students demonstrate how to safely carry a "hurt" ant, and how to carefully set them down on the ground). When all four ants are attched to the "hurt" ant, they are safe and cannot be tagged by the frogs.

After the ant is placed down on the lily pad, all five ants have two seconds to get away before they can be tagged by the frogs. The game is over when all the ants have been tagged and are laying on their backs; frogs will be changed when the game is over. Whenever the stop signal is given, all students must also immediately freeze.

Once all students understand the game, have them go to a self space to begin at your "go" signal. Stop the game when needed. If the game gets over too quickly, bring the students back in to discuss cooperation among the ants. Discuss how ants who do not help others, in order to keep playing, actually make the game get over more quickly...that sometimes, we must help others in order to make things work better for ourselves. (Plus, it's just nice to help others!) Begin the game again with two new frogs; observe any difficulties or positive actions by students. When the game is over, again bring the students together and discuss what you saw, asking for their input as to how trying to cooperate is or is not working.


The longer the game is played usually means that greater cooperation was taking place during the game.

You may add or delete frogs and hula hoops, depending upon the size of the class.

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Submitted by Brent  Weiss who teaches at Pine City Elementary School in Pine City , MN . Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 3/21/2001.

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Previous Comments:


Was a great game to have while subbing for 2nd grade PE.

Coach Lueallen

Fun game, we have always called it "Dead Ant Tag"


Where do you have the lily pads? On the sides of the running area? And also in order to keep the game safe where do you suggest the ants who have been tagged go in order for other students not to accidentally run or step on them?


My 3rd and 1st graders LOVED this game.


This is an absolute favorite with my intermediate group. It is one of the top requests! Plus, quite enjoyable to watch as a P.E. teacher. I have used mats instead of hoops. Just be careful ants don't drop the injured ant on the mat!


I am teaching my high school class this and I think it will be hilarious!!

G.V. K.

I think it should be called "Frogs and Flies"

Brett Karr

Great idea! It's a hit with the kids.