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Name of Activity:


Academic content:


Purpose of Activity:

Students will dribble a basketball in order to demonstrate their ability to establish control and rhythm. Students will also exhibit their understanding of multiplication involving single-digit numbers.


Students are engaged in a unit involving dribbing related skills. Students are actively participating in a variety of activities that focus on the basic fundamentals of dribbling, ball control and ball manipulation. The unit also involves interdisciplinary activities that include mathematic concepts and problem-solving techniques from the classroom.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Multiplication flashcards, paper and pencil for each group, team basket, basketballs, tennis balls, scrimmage vests, bean bags, jacks, green foam balls, one tennis shoe (wild card), and poly spots

Physical activity:


Description of Idea

Students will be divided into small groups of 3-4 and positioned at different locations in the gym. Each group will be given two basketballs, paper and pencil for problem solving and a team basket.

Scattered throughout the "playing area" will be a number of different objects. Each object will have a different point value:
Tennis ball = 1
Scrimmage Vests = 3
Bean Bag = 5
Jacks = 10
Nerf balls = 20
Tennis Shoe = (wild card) any number needed
Poly spots = 25

The teacher will give each group/team a multiplication flash card problem to solve. When the group figures out the correct answer, one team member will dribble into the "play area" and begin to collect the correct number of objects that will equal the answer of the multiplication problem. (If the group’s problem is 4 x 3, the correct answer is 12. A correct assortment of objects would be 2 bean bags and 2 tennis balls or the wild card.) Each student can only collect one object at a time. The first student must dribble the basketball out into the "play area" and collect the first object. They may stop their dribble when picking up the object. Once the object is in hand, they will dribble the basketball back, place the object in their team basket and pass the basketball to another team member who then dribbles out to collect the next object. While one student is collecting an object, the remaining members of the group are bounce passing the other basketball to each other. Once the group is finished, they will get their item basket checked for the correct amount of items. If they are correct, they will be given a different multiplication flash card problem to solve.

At various times the teacher will instruct the students on the type of dribbling that will need to be used: dribble backwards, dribble with the non-dominant hand, dribble at a low level, etc.

Assessment Ideas:

While students are dribbling, a teacher-assessment of their dribbling and ball controlling abilities will be taking place.

Teaching Suggestions:

Initially, the entire class will complete a math problem together by practicing the process of dribbling into the "play area" and selecting the correct items.

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Submitted by Jon Jacobs who teaches at Tappan Zee Elementary School in Piermont, NY. Additional authors for this idea were Sue O'Rourke. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/4/2006.

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This is an awesome game, i plan to use it in my pe class in the future!!! it not only expands the math skills of the student they are having fun while doing it:)