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Name of Activity:

Physical Education Pictionary

Purpose of Activity:

To provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of basic and difficult physical education activities and concepts through drawing when the gym is not available for use.


Knowledge of different physical education skills, equipment and terminology.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Dry erase boards, chalkboards or paper, dry erase markers, chalk or markers, erasers, a list of different physical education related skills, equipment and terminology cut into small slips (1 per slip) and a container to hold the slips, stopwatch

Description of Idea

First divide the class into small groups with 2 to 4 people in each group. You can have as many games going on at a time as equipment and space allow, divide your class accordingly.

1. 2 teams will play against each other. They will need 1 board, markers, eraser, and a container with small slips of paper that contain PE related terminology.

2. The first person in each line will play rock, paper, scissors to determine which team will draw/guess first of the two teams.

3. The drawing team will send the first person up to the board, select a word from the container and show the teacher. The student then has 1 minute to draw the word/phrase on the board while their team tries to guess. The drawer may not use words, numbers or body gestures. They can only draw. The other teams sits quietly and watches, in case they get a chance to steal the point.

4. The drawing team tries to guess the word or phrase within the one minute. If they don't guess correctly then the other team may try to steal the point by taking one guess. I ask each team for a spokesperson and will only take the answer from that person.

5. The game continues by having the first person from the other team repeating the steps above. Students will take turns being the drawer.

6. The game continues until time runs or you run out of words.


On each slip identify an action that corresponds with the word. After a team has guessed or made their attempt to guess the word, they must perform the action for a designated time or number of times. For example, overhand throw = demonstrate an overhand throw 3 times.

Write a question that corresponds with the word/phrase on the slip of paper. If a team answers the question correctly they earn a bonus point. For example, identify 1 skill cue for performing an overhand throw. An acceptable answer would be "stand sideways to your target".

Assessment Ideas:

The assessment is ongoing in the game. This game tests the knowlege of physical education skills, terms and equipment used by correctly guessing the item being drawn.

Teaching Suggestions:

The terms on the slips of paper can include locomotor movements, sports, people, playground games, components of fitness, instant activities, etc.

Submitted by Sarah Simon who teaches at Eagle School of Madison in Madison, WI. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 6/13/2007.
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Physical Education Pictionary

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