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Name of Activity:

Balloons in a Bag Challenge


Students need to be able to move in general space safely, and have ability to keep a balloon in the air.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

3 trash bags, each filled with balloons (beachballs can be substituted for higher grades), flat boundary markers which students will not trip over (poly spots).

Description of Idea

Divide gym into thirds. Each of the 3 sections will have one bag of balloons placed in it. Class will be divided evenly among the 3 sections of the gym.

Class needs to keep all 3 bags in the air and within the boundaries. If a bag touches the ground or goes out of the boundaries, the challenge is over.

After a student strikes the bag, they then rotate to the next section of the gym. Inform students of rotation. For example, section 1 goes to 2 (middle) after a hit, 2 goes to 3, and 3 back to 1.

Teacher will time the class - try several times to break class record. Can try to set school/grade record.

Students may need to be reminded to "hit and go".

Assessment Ideas:

Stop after first attempt and discuss possible strategies that may produce more success (sriking higher, striking straight up, keeping groups in a circle, etc.)

Teaching Suggestions:

Although Balloons are in a bag, students with severe latex allergies should not participate. Large, light, beach balls should be used in these cases. Students who are mildly allergic to latex (chance of rash) may only need to wash hands afterwards. Check with your school nurse.

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Submitted by Nathan Jyringi who teaches at Annie E. Fales Elementary School in Westborough, MA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/14/2006.

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Balloons in a Bag Challenge