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Name of Activity:

Let's Make a Deal

Purpose of Activity:

To increase students' knowlege of the importance of overall physical fitness through the use of a game.


Students should have been introduced to and practiced all of the exercises and activities used as prizes in the game prior to playing.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Stop watches for some activities, Cards stating the duration and or repetitions of the various exercises used, Adequate space, which could be a grassy field or basketball court, etc.

Description of Idea

"Let' Make a Deal" is based on the television game show. The teachers act as the show's host. The students are the contestants and represent the best interest of the entire class. The "prize" is the exercise or activity the students will perform. The host picks the contestants. Once the contestant is chosen he or she has five seconds to pick one of the four doors. When the door is chosen, a "prize" is revealed. Once the "prize" is announced, all students perform the exercise or activity that was revealed. Immediately following the conclusion of the exercise, a new contestant is chosen. Repeat the procedures. Vary the types of "prizes" behind each door, i.e. AB work, upper body and lower body strength, flexibility and cardiovascular activities. For each "prize" be usre to vary the time and reps, i.e. one "prize" might be skipping for 45 seconds, or jogging for 2 minutes, while the next could be crunches for 30 seconds. The benefit of varying the "prizes" is the contestants never know what particular body part they will be working on next. This creates the suprise.

Examples of some of the exercises we use as "prizes" can be found at

Each door contains five prizes. Once a prize is chosen, it is not available again. to manage each door and "prizes" behind each one, it is recmmended to use small booklets or binders. When the door is chosen, turn the page to reveal the "prize", when it is chosen again, turn to the next page revealing the next "prize". If you use a binder, you can move the "prizes" around easily. Depending upon the time allotted for each class you may or may not reveal all the prizes. If all of the prizes behind one door are chosen, that door is closed for the day.


Individual modifications must be made quickly by the host. It is recommended to have a list of "prizes" your disabled students are capable of doing created ahead of time. You can use this list as you use the ones created for each door.

The "prizes" should be as closely related to the regular students' "prizes" when possible. They should also be revelant not just a time-filler.

Teaching Suggestions:

This is a fast paced activity. The teachers can control the pace, based on the speed of picking contestants, and the activities used as prizes.

Easy to modify for grades 2-5 and 9-12. Able to incorporate a variety of exercises and activities. Easy to set up and requires little or no equipment.

Submitted by Mike Isbell who teaches at Clifton Middle School in Covington, VA. Additional authors for this idea were Howard Nicely. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 1/5/2009.
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Let's Make a Deal

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Amy Sparkman

Your link still doesn't you have another link?


That is a great way to home school, but when you have a class of of 30-50 students you need to find something that gets everyone moving and can benefit them physically. Unfortunately you won't hit everyone's interest every day, but that is life you need to do things you don't always enjoy.

Mr. R

I just tried this with my 6th grade students in PE class and it worked great! I had them in their unit teams and there was different fitness components worked on. I awarded points based off of quality of the exercises for the team. Awesome game!

Ms C

I don't get the idea of this game please check this


The link suggested does not work. Do you have an update on it?

Mrs. mckee

I am a parrent and i homeschool we (my huseband and I) find that our daughter loves to walk and is encuraged to walk the dog to new places. Say she goes for a 30 minute walk well when she gets back we give her more time doin what she wants. It's self fufilling to know our daughter will be healthy and strong thuout the years. I also think schools should take more consideration to what the child/childrens intrests or needs are.

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