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Name of Activity:

Dice Freeze Tag

Academic content:


Purpose of Activity:

To have the students practice their number recognition through a cardio enhancing tag game.


Students should be able to easily recognize and verbally state the numbers on a standard six-sided dice.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

- Large Dice (8" inflatable dice work well); - Foam Pool Noodles (1/every 6 students...cut noodles in half for better handling); - Body tags to stick on the front or back of the student with the individual dice numbers. The tags should match the numbers of a dice (using the same dot configuration as a dice) with enough cards so that each student will receive a card. For example with classes of 24, 4 of each of the dice numbers will need to be created.

Physical activity:

Locomotor Skills

Description of Idea

Students are given their individual dice numbers and instructed to stick them on the front or back of their shirt. Boundaries are set. All students begin on a line in the play area. The foam pool noodles are placed in a central location about 25 feet from the line. The dice is rolled. The students whose number is rolled run for the noodles. The other students run from these students. The students with the noodles attempt to tag the other students on the back using the noodles. When tagged, the student must add/subtract the number of the free-er to the number of the freeze-ee and report it to the teacher before re-entering the game.

Prior to the beginning the game, establish a signal for getting the students back to their original spots. (I blow a whistle and yell, "New taggers.") When students are back to their original spots, roll the dice again and play the game the same way. Move quickly from one tagger group to the next to keep up the excitement! Use a variety of locomotor skills to keep the kids active.


For younger children - have them work in pairs with each partner having the same number.

For older students - use two dice and have the numbers in numerical form written on their body tags. The game is played the same except the students have to translate the dots on the dice to their numerical form in order to play the game.

Assessment Ideas:

Using a computer - possibly with a powerpoint presentation program, quickly flash the dice numbers on the screen. See how long it takes students to recognize the number.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

Pair students who have developmental disabilities and have difficulty with number recognition with those who are more able.

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Submitted by Jackie Gerstein in santa fe, NM. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 11/23/2005.

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I used this game for a math integration game. Wow! I used pocket pinnies so I could put numbers in them. I also used a dice with 20 sides on it that is dry erasable so I can change it whenever. My principal is going to be wowed!