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Name of Activity:

Block Breakers

Academic content:


Purpose of Activity:

To practice addition, subtraction, and throwing skills.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

bean bags, stacking blocks, pencils, paper, tape marks on the floor about 15 feet from the target (May have three colored lines for each set of partners - one for minimal practice throwing, medium practice throwing and lots of practice throwing.)

Physical activity:

Throwing - underhand, overhand and/or sidearm

Description of Idea

Partners are spaced throughout the working environment. With the partner, students will stack up blocks and record the total number stacked. Standing at a tape mark, students will take turns throwing bean bags at the blocks until all blocks have fallen. The students will record how many blocks they knock down each time and tally up the scores when all blocks are down. Students will record addition equations (the number of blocks they knocked down on each throw) and subtraction equations (the number of blocks they stacked up minus the total number of blocks they knocked down) to find out how many blocks their partner was able to knock down. Encourage students to use different amounts of blocks and stack the blocks in different ways each round. Students will add the total number of blocks they stacked each time and the total number of blocks they were able to knock down each time to find a final score.


Instruct students to throw underhand, overhand and/or sidearm. To make the activity more challenging, students can assign each block a different point value. (If have colored blocks, could assign a point value to a certain color.) To make throwing easier or harder the weight of the block can be modified.

Assessment Ideas:

Students will turn in their recordings with the correct calculations.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

Students with disabilities can try rolling or kicking a ball at the blocks. Additionally, using bigger blocks may provide for more success.

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Submitted by Ashley Wiggins who teaches at Clemson University in charleston, SC. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 7/6/2005.

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