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Name of Activity:

Happy Easter Hunters

Purpose of Activity:

The students will learn how to strike a balloon using a flat palm and volley a balloon using finger pads.


Students have had instruction in how to strike and how to volley.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

25-30 polyspots, 10-14 hula hoops, 20-25 balloons, 50-60 cut out Easter eggs (a few pastel-colored, the majority brown and white).

Description of Idea

Set-up: Easter egg cut outs are placed under polyspots that are scattered around the gym (one to three eggs per polyspot). 5-7 hula hoops are placed along each side of the gym, evenly spaced. (One hoop per two students is needed.)

Instructions: Students work with partners and must stand on opposite sides of the hoop (about two giant steps back.) The students must try to toss and strike ("spike") the balloon into the hoop. They take turns striking it. During the first turn they will strike the balloons with a flat palm into the hoop. When the partners get three strikes into the hoop, they will go hunt for Easter eggs. They can only turn over one polyspot each time. Once they grab their egg(s) they must place it (or them) in their hoop and start the next turn. On the next turn they use a volley motion with finger pads to pass to their partner. They must get three good passes to each other before they can go on another egg hunt. On the third turn they are back to striking, on the fourth turn they will volley, etc. The entire class continues until all the eggs have been found. At the end of the activity students will count the number of eggs they found. A colored egg is a bonus point added to their score.


By putting letters of the alphabet on the eggs, you can incorporate a language arts activity by having the students try to form words with the eggs when they are done. The colored eggs could remain "blank" and could be used for any needed letters (as in Scrabble.) To keep it age-appropriate, you could get word lists from the classroom teachers, type up the words and cut them apart. That way you'd be sure that some "real words" could be formed with the letters available.

Assessment Ideas:

Circulate around the gym as they are working on striking into the hoop and volleying to a partner. You can assess on striking ability and volleying ability using a checklist.

Eyes on balloon
Keep a stiff wrist ("pretend it is in a cast")
Step with the opposite foot
Follow through

Elbows high
Thumbs together
Bend knees
Extend your arms and wrist

You can also assess them on social responsibility, where partners must give positive comments to each other.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities

You can adapt this lesson to allow students to throw or drop the balloon into a hoop or even a bucket.

Submitted by Cheryl Stewart in Greensboro, NC. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 4/22/2004.
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Happy Easter Hunters

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