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Name of Activity:

Working Together is Boo-ti-ful!

Purpose of Activity:

Practice cooperative behaviors, self responsibility and motor skills.


Students should be able to: describe what cooperation and self responsibility looks like in physical education class. Students should be able to throw underhand, throw and catch to oneself and volley by kicking or striking balloons.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

6 Dynabands, bowling pins (Ghost Bowling and Ghost Busters), fun noodles (Ghost Busters), 10 bean bags (Ghost Bowling), Skeleton Set (Mr. Bones), yarn balls (Pumpkins Catching), hippity hop (Pumpkin Patch), scooters (Ghostbusters) Items to purchase at the Dollar store: Halloween trick and treat bags (Trick and Treat), ghostbags (Bowling for Ghosts) and large leaf and small pumpkin bags (Pumpkin Catching), rats (Rat Throw), spiders (Spider Curl-ups), ghosts, pumpkins and bat balloons (Keep It Up! and Ghost Volley), plastic bones (Which Way did he go?), treats (Trick or Treat).

Description of Idea

Halloween Theme- Students work cooperatively with a partner and participate in centers. There are 12 different centers to choose from. Select those that work with the grade levels that you are working with and/or skills that you have covered. Assessment is on-going. Kindergarten and first grade can indicate which level of responsibility they are working at by showing one, two, three, or four fingers before rotating centers. Second graders can carry an assessment sheet with them as they travel through the centers.
The following levels are:

Level 4- I am doing all my work and helping others.
Level 3- I am doing all my work with no reminders from the teacher.
Level 2- I am trying but still need help or reminders to do my work.
Level 1- I am not doing my work. I am hurting or bothering someone.

Working Together is Boo-ti-ful!

Students practice motor skills while demonstrating cooperation and self-responsibility.

1. Spidermania- Dynabands are arranged in a web-like pattern. While holding a partner's hand, can you travel through the web without touching any of it? If you are successful, “High 8” your partner. (Tap any 8 body parts together with your partner.)

2. Ghostbusters- Can you push your partner on a scooter safely around the ghosts? Pretend that you are busting ghosts. Don't cross streams! Take turns.

3. Spider Curl-ups- Partners hook feet together and hold spiders in their hands. Curl-up together and show each other their spider, say hello to each other's spider, scare each other's spider, or surprise each other's spider.

4. Rat Throw - Can you and your partner throw and catch the rat underhand to each other? 10 catches is TerRATfic, 8 catches is RATerful, 6 catches are alRAT.

5. Which Way Did He Go? - Group forms a circle in a push-up position. Bones are passed from one person to another while staying in a push-up position.

6. Trick or Treat - Partners choose a bag together. Inside the bag is either a treat or a trick. Treats are tokens that are brought to the teacher and may be eaten, tricks are cooperative challenges that may be tried in a personal space.

7. Bowling for Ghosts - One partner practices rolling a ball underhand while the other partner sets the pins. If you knock all the pins over on the first try, yell out Boo!

8. Mr. Bones - By looking at the model, work together and try to assemble Mr. Bones.

9. Pumpkin Catching - One partner practices catching to themselves while the other person gives them pumpkin points for reaching upward and putting thumbs together. Take 5 tries each, then switch.

10. Ghost Volley - Work together by striking the ghost balloons up and keep them from landing on the ground. If you are able to strike the balloon up 25 times or more, give a spooky cheer.

11. Pumpkin Patch Run - Run through the pumpkin patch for one minute, then try to find your partner's pulse. If you find your partner's pulse, shout, "He/She's alive!"

12. Keep it Up! - With a partner, using only your feet, keep the bats, cats, pumpkins, and ghost balloons up in the air.

Assessment Ideas:

NAME: __________________________________________DATE:__________

Working Together is Boo-ti-ful!
Critical Elements for Cooperation

Level 4
*Encouraged a classmate. Shared equipment.
*Helped a classmate. Followed rules.
*Showed concern for classmates' feelings. Tried your best.
*Worked together toward a common goal. Played under Control.
*Complimented a classmate.

Level 3
Followed rules.
Tried your best.
Played Under Control.
Shared equipment.

Level 2
Needed help or reminders at centers.

Level 1
Showed little effort.
Hurt or bothered someone.

Center #1: Circle what level you are working at. Why?_________________
1 2 3 4

Center #2: Circle what level you worked at. Why?_________________
1 2 3 4

Center #3: Circle what level you worked at. Why?_________________
1 2 3 4

Center #4: Circle what level you worked at. Why?_________________
1 2 3 4

Center #5: Circle what level you worked at. Why?_________________
1 2 3 4

Center #6: Circle what level you worked at. Why?_________________
1 2 3 4

Modified from Assessment Strategies for Elementary Physical Education by Suzann Schiemer

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities

For all children, offer a variety of catching and throwing equipment.

You may also choose to pair students who have handicapping conditions with students who consistently work at level 4.

Submitted by Joanne Woodworth who teaches at West Point Elementary School in West Point, NY. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 10/20/2003.
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Working Together is Boo-ti-ful!

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