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Name of Activity:

Track and Field Olympics

Purpose of Activity:

This lesson is used as a culminating experience. The students are practicing previously learned skills in a slightly competitive environment.


The students should know how to correctly perform the long jump, the triple jump, the shot put, the hammer throw, and the 50 yard sprint.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

One long jump mat with distances marked or a starting line and a measuring tape, tape for the all of the starting lines, approximately 30 cones (5 for the hammer throw and the rest for outlining perimeters), about 20 poly spots or items for marking distances, pencils, and task sheets.

Description of Idea

From the previous lesson, the student should have chosen a country and researched it's colors. The teacher should've previously placed the students into competitive groups. Each competing group should have one person whom is responsible for the tasks sheet, the pencil, and marking down the places.

First place receives four points for their country, second place receives 2 points for their country, and third place receives 1 point for their country.

Each group is given 5 minutes at each station. If a group is finished before the 5 minutes they are encouraged to cheer for their other countrymen. Each student is given two tries at each skill. Poly spots are used to mark the distances. If there are enough tape measures for the stations students can simply write down the distances. The teacher should use a signal to change stations. After the competition, the students should tally their points then the teacher will calculate the points received for each country.


Students can calculate their total points as a county. If tape measures are used to mark distances, the students can calculate the differences in the distances.

If students are having difficulty completing the stations the teacher could either extend the time or reduce the number of stations.

Assessment Ideas:

The teacher should have the students determine what part of the world their country is located.

For math, the teacher can review the students' answers to determine if they are correct.

Teaching Suggestions:

The teacher places the students into groups of five. Each group is required to respresent a country of their chosing. For the next class, the students should wear the colors of their country and also bring in some type of memento. Then the teacher places the students into five groups again. Each group should have one student representing a country. The teacher should also group the student according to their ability level so that each group is competitve but not unfair.

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Submitted by Meghan Furnia in East Stroudsburg, PA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 4/25/2010.

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