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Name of Activity:

Physical Phonics

Academic content:

Language Arts

Purpose of Activity:

To teach phonics through locomotor movements.


Practice with phonics and the sounds that different letters make.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Three sets of 26 paper plates/poly spots with one letter written on each plate. (If paper plates are used, do not allow the children to step on them for safety reasons. Instead, have the children move around or near the plates.)

Physical activity:

Locomotor Skills

Description of Idea

The teacher will scatter the three sets of plates/poly spots around the room and divide the class into small groups of three-four. (S)he should call out a series of questions concerning phonics along with a basic locomotor skill. The children are to perform the skill as they move to answer the question (based on what the students have already learned). Make students aware that there are several sets of each letter. For example, "Skip to the letter that makes the "huhh" sound like in the word "house." The teacher should try to use each letter at least once.

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Older students could practice a series of locomotor skills to practice spelling out an entire word. (For example: Run to the letters in order to spell the word "cat.")

Add blends, beginning and ending sounds.

The class could spell a word by having the first person in each group go to one sound and the second person in each group go to the next sound, etc.

Assessment Ideas:

After doing the activity the teacher could collectively say a word to the class such as "dog" and get students to circle the correct letter on a worksheet prepared with various letters arranged like a multiple choice worksheet.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities

Depending on the disability students could throw to the plate, balance on it, jump on it, etc., to answer the question.

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Physical Phonics

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