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Name of Activity:

Bear, Bee, and Bunny

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Small sized soft bear, bee, and bunny animals (1 each), or as many as the amount of taggers wanted.

Description of Idea

As students enter the gym, the teacher hands out the 3 animals to 3 different students. The students with the animals are the taggers. One at a time, each tagger calls out a different locomotor movement to travel in (preferably running is NOT a choice). When tagged, the student tagged must perform (in personal space) a movement like the animal and sound (optional) until another student comes over and gives a high five. For example, when tagged by the bunny, hop in place and make bunny noises; when tagged by the bee, make “bzzzz” noises and wave arms; when tagged by the bear, make bear noises, and move body like a bear in personal space. Change taggers.

Assessment Ideas:

After the warm up ask students to raise their hands if they traveled without colliding, were tagged gently, and have some tell and demonstrate the locomotor movements used.

Submitted by Elizabeth M. Carr in Hawthorne, NJ. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 12/31/2002.
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Bear, Bee, and Bunny

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