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Name of Activity:

The pressure is on!

Purpose of Activity:

The purpose of the activity is to show students how peers pressure each other into drinking and doing drugs. It is also meant to teach students how to say 'no' to peer pressure in various ways.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Ingredients to mix up a non-alcoholic drink (i.e. club soda, water, cherry juice, lime juice, lemon juice, sugar tablets, etc.), cocktail shaker, shot glass, cups.

Description of Idea

To begin the lesson the teacher is to, without explanation, begin mixing up the non-alcoholic drink. Be sure to get the students' attention and exaggerate what you are doing when mixing the drink. (At some point in the activity, be sure that you have clarified for the students that this drink is, in fact, non-alcoholic.) Pour the drink into a cup. Take the drink around to students and pressure them to drink it. After pressuring a few students you will find that one will usually drink it.

After they drink it, discuss with the class what you were doing. You were pressuring them. Ask the students who would not drink the beverage why they would not. (Usually the answer is that they did not know what was in it.) Then ask the student who drank the beverage why he or she did. (Usually the answer is that they trust you. You are the teacher. You would not hurt them.) Include here a discussion alluding to the fact that they also trust their friends, so would they take a drink from them?

After a discussion on peer pressure, talk about different ways to say 'no' to it. Have the ways to say 'no' listed on an overhead and have students take notes on it.

Take the drink around to the students and pressure them to drink it. They are to practice whichever refusal skill you are dealing with on your list. Some example refusal skills include these (you may think of many appropriate others):

1. Say no firmly
2. Repeat the word ‘no’ over and over
3. Give a believable excuse
4. Give a reason
5. Change the subject
6. Suggest an alternate activity
7. Ignore the problem/act dumb
8. Reverse the pressure

Assessment Ideas:

You can assess the students learning by reviewing the refusal skills at the end of the class.

Submitted by Kirsten Sitko in Birdsboro, PW. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 12/26/2002.
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The pressure is on!

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