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Name of Activity:

Small-sided Soccer Skill Baseball

Purpose of Activity:

To engage the students in a lead up game that emphasizes practicing all of the basic soccer skills (e.g., correct punting, dribbling, trapping and passing.)


This is a lead up game to play that emphasizes many of the skills involved in the game of soccer so previous practice and instruction for the skills of punting, dribbling, trapping and passing a soccer ball is essential.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

4 hula hoops and 5 soccer balls for each diamond.

Description of Idea

Set up several diamonds so there are small groups of students at each diamond. The object is to dribble the soccer ball around the bases of a makeshift baseball diamond with each new kicker from the home team progressing as many bases as possible without being caught out, until they eventually score at home. The bases are replaced with hula hoops. The fielding team assumes regular softball positions.

The "batter" (e.g. punter or kicker) begins with 2 balls in front of her at home plate. She can either choose to punt the ball or kick it off of the ground. Make sure to have plenty of choices for types of balls for students to kick. This is important as you want to make them comfortable. After kicking or punting, she heads to 1st base dribbling the SECOND ball. Meanwhile, the fielding team traps the ball with their feet to gain control and passes it (with their feet) to the nearest base where a player is approaching. Whichever player (the fielder or the dribbler) stops her ball inside the hula hoop first determines whether the dribbler is out or safe. If she is safe she stays on her base for the next kicker at home to kick or punt. The ball being played by the fielding team is returned to home plate after each play is completed for the next kicker to punt.

A second ball is again placed at home plate when he punts so he can dribble it to first base after he kicks or punts. This is why 5 balls are needed in case the bases are loaded (3 balls) plus the 2 needed at home for each new kicker/punter (2 balls). No fielder can block the base path or entrance into the hula hoop.

I have them kick through the home team kicking order rather than switching at three outs, so everyone gets a chance to punt.


Make the infielders have to make 5 passes (or have it touch everyone on the fielding team) to teamates first before going to the hula hoop base.

Submitted by Jan Perkins who teaches at Spanish Fork MIddle School in Spanish Fork, UT. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 10/28/2002.
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Small-sided Soccer Skill Baseball

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Previous Comments:


Do you limit the amount of bases a player can run or is it ongoing. For example they kick and run to first, get their ball in the hoop, and then proceed to 2nd base. Is that ok? Or does it work better if they are just limited to one base at a time.


In response to the question about how to tag a runner out who is not forced...
I use the rule that a team can have as many players with their soccer ball inside a hoop as possible. However, once a hoop can't contain a ball, a player from that hoop MUST advance to the next hoop with their ball. Also, once a player decides to leave a hoop with their ball, that player MUST advance. This adds a different dimension to the game.

Harry Styles

i LOVE playing with 'yoyos'

Harry Styles

I love this website!


I tried the game today in PE class. The question came up how do you tag a runner out that is not forced? Please submit ideas.


How many students per team would you recommend?


how far should the bases be apart?

Kara Riordan

I tried this game with my 6th-8th graders and they loved it! We have very large classes so we set up two baseball diamonds so the students could have more turns. The students were all engaged and their dribbling was much improved after the game. They asked if they could play it again everyday for the rest of the unit!


I am an eigth grader and part of our PE grade isto come up with an idea/ create our own game and this is a great idea! Thank you!!!




Love it!!!!

Christine Rogers

I have had great success with this game. At first they didn't like it because it wasn't base-ball like they knew it, but eventually they caught on and there was much more participation and passing happening. It is a great alternative to kick ball.

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