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Name of Activity:

Easter Egg Dribble

Purpose of Activity:

For students to dribble and trap a ball with their feet using control and different directions and pathways.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Balloons (easter eggs), Egg timer, Masking tape or cones (for easter trail)

Description of Idea

Each student will be given a colored Easter egg (balloon) by the Easter Bunny (teacher). They will find their own general space in the Easter patch. They will begin by placing the Easter egg between their feet until the teacher has signaled start.

Once start signal is given by Easter bunny students will begin dribbling their egg throughout the Easter patch. Here are some ideas that you can use throughout this lesson.

1. Once students are given an Easter egg they will begin to DRIBBLE their egg on the Easter trail which has different PATHWAYS marked on the floor to travel (zig zag, straight, curved). Place enough PATHWAYS around the perimeter or in a designated area to accommodate the number of students. The Easter Bunny will set the egg timer for 1 minute. After each minute students will DRIBBLE to a new PATHWAY and begin. Repeat tasks as necessary.

2. Students will DRIBBLE throughout a designated Easter patch (general space) without their Easter egg touching another egg and maintaining control. If the Easter egg touches another egg and the egg "breaks" (not literally) the student will take their egg from the Easter patch and find an Easter trail (which has different PATHWAYS taped to the floor) and the Easter bunny will set the egg timer for 30 seconds. The student then DRIBBLES their egg under control through the Easter trail until the egg timer goes off. They can go back to the Easter patch and continue DRIBBLING in general space.

3. Students will DRIBBLE throughout the Easter patch and when the Easter bunny blows the whistle the student must TRAP the Easter egg by using the cues taught (touch and down). When the signal is given again by the Easter Bunny, students will begin DRIBBLING throughout the Easter patch trying to maintain control of the Easter egg.

4. Students will DRIBBLE throughout the Easter patch and when the Easter Bunny blows the whistle the students must TRAP the Easter egg and change directions and begin DRIBBLING again while keeping the Easter egg under control.

Assessment Ideas:

Verbal questioning:

Have students point to the part of the foot they have learned to dribble with.

Have the student demonstrate how to dribble and how to trap.

Have the students state cues on how to dribble and trap to a partner or to the teacher.

Teaching Suggestions:

If some students are doing well you may want to introduce a foam or beach ball for them to dribble.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities

For a visually impaired student you can have a peer partner stand behind the student and guide them down the different pathways verbally using a balloon with a bell inside.

If a student is wheelchair bound they can use a hockey stick or a long handled implement to dribble and trap.

Submitted by Shannon Wood who teaches at Evangel Christian Academy & Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL. Additional authors for this idea were Angela Beale. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 4/6/2002.
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Easter Egg Dribble

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