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Name of Activity:

Hop on down the Bunny Trail

Purpose of Activity:

To build teamwork and practice locomotor skills in a fun, seasonal type activity.


Catching and throwing, jumping and landing, striking with a stick

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Large piece of paper on the wall with a trail drawn on it, Enough rabbits for each team to have one (I got mine from a bulletin board book and made copies), Posters with rules and directions for each station, 1 large rabbit with the back view and paper tails to tape on, A blindfold for each team, Hockey stick, wiffle ball, beanbags, egg balls, lummi sticks, 5 gallon bucket, and hula hoops.

Description of Idea

I like to have special activities for the students during the holiday seasons, especially if it is a really short school week. I came up with this idea to build teamwork. Of course they are also practicing several skill themes and fitness components.

This activity consists of 6 stations. I would suggest dividing the class into 6 teams. Each team will be assigned a rabbit that is placed on the bunny trail hanging on the wall. The object of the activity is for each team to move their rabbit 6 spaces going down the trail and try to get to the finish before the class period ends. The entire team must accomplish the task at each station before the bunny hops to the next spot.

Station 1 - Don't hatch the chick

At this station each team will have 4 lummi sticks and an egg ball. They must carry the egg with the sticks from one wall to the other and transfer it to the next teammates sticks without touching. Each person must do this to move the bunny. Remember they can not touch it with their hands.

Station 2 - Pin the tail on the bunny

This is the classic pin the tail on the donkey, but of course we are working on a rabbit. One team member is blindfolded and the rest of the team must get them from the start line to the rabbit by giving only verbal direction. The blindfolded one may not use the sense of touch.

Station 3 - Egg toss

Tossing and catching in a group, you must have 50 catches in a row using all team members. If the egg drops, you start back at 0. Use and egg ball if you have it.

Station 4 - Jelly Bean Jar

The jar is a 5 gallon bucket and the beans are bean bags. Set a start line and have them toss 10 bean bags until they are all in the bucket. Emphasize that all team members must help.

Station 5 - Putting green

Use a hockey stick as the putter and a wiffle ball. Putt from a mat and try to get the ball to stay in the target area that is taped on another mat. Each team member must do this. You can make it as hard as what your classes ability is.

Station 6 - Bunny Jump

Tape two hula hoops to the floor and have each team member jump between the 2 hoops 10 times. The distance between will depend on your students.

Assessment Ideas:

I would assess this activity with National Standard #6 Diversity. Students will be assessed on their ability to not only get along with their team members but also how they encourage each other.

Teaching Suggestions:

I would start each team at a different station and when they finish that one encourage them to rotate to a station that is either empty or the group ahead is almost done. Have extra equipment out so that if a goup is speedy they aren't waiting around, they can double up at one spot.

Submitted by Rebecca Hamik who teaches at Alcott Elementary in Hastings, NE. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 3/24/2002.
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Hop on down the Bunny Trail

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