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Name of Activity:


Purpose of Activity:

The purpose is to provide a developmentally appropriate field day experience for all children while targeting peace education and environmental awareness objectives.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

The equipment for each station is included at this web site:

PEACElympics Web Site

Apart from the equipment required for each station, equipment was used to create boundaries to contain the stations and also to create a passage way through which the parents could circulate to view their children.

A large Canvas Banner - 9m x 3m was created and rolled up along the school block. I drew the picture as a sketch on paper at first - a boy and and a girl sitting on a globe. The art teacher painted this onto the canvas. The words beneath the picture were:

Children Moving for PEace ('PE' in red and 'ace' in BLUE paint so as to emphasise PE)

Beneath that, the Olympic rings sporting our house colour mascots. March Past Requirements: Mascots, Flags, Torch (made out of construction paper and kite paper), Sports Poem, School Flag, San Andrea Early School PE POEM

Description of Idea

The theme of "PEACLYMPICS 2001" evolved after after reviewing a teacher's manual called "Be a Champion in Life" launched by the Foundation for Olympic and Sports Education (June 2000). The book also focuses around UNESCO's 2000-2010 priority action on promoting a culture of peace and non-violence for the children of the world. Reading these resources was very inspiring and I wanted to take on the theme into my physical education program. The theme was explored throughout various units of work and culminated in the field day which sought to help develop a culture of team spirit, respect for diversity and also environmental awareness. All stations were developed inline with this theme. A logo (which can also be viewed on the web site) and acronym were developed inline with the focus.

PEACE = Physical Education Among Children Everywhere

The slogan was also developed from the word "peace". PE-ACE: I can try to do my best and I am a PE-Ace!

After initial display, torch run, PE-ACE poem (in line with the Junior Olympic Promise)and the traditional Parade of the children (all carrying a flag they made)the children were organized into a series of stations. The children were led by their respective class teachers and rotated stations at a designated time interval. All children participated in ALL events. Events were races, relays, cooperative events and free choice activities. Once a station was completed, the children had their personal "passport" stamped. This event was staged around the entire school grounds. While the events were going on for my young pupils, fun games were organized for parents and older siblings. Environmental awareness stalls, Sub Way healthy subs and other stalls were set up.

At the end of the afternoon, all children were given their Peacelympics medal for participation, a white flag with the logo. The afternoon was concluded by releasing into the air helium filled balloons attached with the messages of peace the children had written or drawn for homework the previous weeks.

Details of the individual stations are provided at the following Web site:

Submitted by Marina Bonello who teaches at San Andrea Early School in L-Imselliet, Malta, . Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 2/7/2003.
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