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Name of Activity:

Create A Line Dance


Students should have learned at least 3 line dances prior to participating in this activity.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Music with an upbeat tempo (check out Jock Jams), Create A Dance instruction sheet, Create A Line Dance cards - write parts of the line dances that students are familiar with, have enough for each group to have 4 cards. For example: walk backward - right, left, right, touch with left. (You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files)

Description of Idea

Explain to students that they will be creating their own line dance. The line dance must have a minimum of 4 parts, each part goes to a count of 4. Students may select parts from the Create a Line Dance cards to use for their dance, or they may create their own parts. The song that students will perform their line dance to will be the same for everyone. Play this song throughout class. If your CD player has a repeat function it works well for this.

Students work in groups of 3-6.

Each group will receive a Create A Line Dance form. On the form the steps that groups need to take will be outlined:

Step #1 - Write the names of the people in your group.
Step #2 - Select 4 "Create A Line Dance" cards or come up with your own line dance parts. The parts you select are to a count of 4. Write the four line dance parts your group selected below or go directly to Step #3 if you know the order of the parts:
Step #3 - Decide what order your group will perform the line dance parts. Write them below in the correct order.
Step #4 - Practice your line dance.
Step #5 - Circle the grade/level your group feels they earned today. Determine your own criteria for grading.

Monitor students as they are creating their line dances.

Assessment Ideas:

Groups will perform their line dance to the class and do a self assessment (See step #5 in the description of activity).

Teaching Suggestions:

If this lesson extends beyond 1 class it is very important they write the parts of their dance down. This will help them remember it when they return for their next lesson.

Offer PE equipment for students to use as part of their dance.

Submitted by Nancy Winford who teaches at Anne Wien Elementary School in Fairbanks, AK. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 7/26/2005.
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Create A Line Dance

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