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Name of Activity:

Physical Education Recipes for Success

Academic content:


Purpose of Activity:

To help children apply math skills to actual situations they may use.


Jump rope skills; addition, multiplication and division skills; Locomotor skills

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Copies of recipes, pictures of the ingredients, price sheets of all the groceries, jump ropes, pencils, 1 sheet of paper to multiply and divide, Desk or table, pencil, calculator, reward.

Physical activity:

Various locomotor skills, jumping and landing skills

Description of Idea

The stations need to be set up to include:

  • 1. The Recipe Box
  • 2. The Grocery Store
  • 3. The Checkout Lane
  • 4. The Kitchen
  • 5. The Bakery Manager's Office.

    Students are paired with a classmate. Each pair begins in the recipe box and selects a recipe. They run to the grocery store and shop for all the items in their recipe. Students jump to the checkout lane and add up all their groceries. Then they skip to the kitchen and work at a station.

    At each station there is a single jump rope, pencil, division sheet, and multiplication sheet. The students divide the recipe in half while the partner is jumping rope. They switch when completed. Then the students multiply the recipe by two and switch when completed.

    When finished in the kitchen they take their work to their manager for work approval. While the manager is checking their work they run around the "Block" (the gym).


    Change the locomotor skills being used each time.

    Assessment Ideas:

    Check for proper performance of the locomotor skills and correct math computations.

    Adaptations for Students with Disabilities

    Pair up with a buddy to travel through the stations.

    Submitted by Jennifer Buford who teaches at Wentzville Elem. East in Wentzville, MO. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 12/29/2001.
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    Physical Education Recipes for Success

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