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Name of Activity:

Bone Relay

Purpose of Activity:

To reinforce the students ability to identify bones of the body in a game setting.


Students should have been introduced to bone names, what they look like and their location prior to this lesson.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Volleyball net, clothes pins, x-rays or pictures of human bones and joints

Description of Idea

Label clothespins with the names of bones that students are expected to know, at least one for each student. Make sure you have pictures of bones that match the labeled clothespins. 

Split the class into teams of 4 students. Pick one color for each team you will have. Mark the back of each clothespin with one of the colors so that the clothespins are evenly divided among teams. 

Set up the volleyball net on one end of the gym and use extra clothespins to pin the x-rayed pictures of bones to the volleyball net. 

Teams line up on the opposite end of the gym. Clothespins are scattered near the centerline.  Each team is assigned a color. On start, each team sends two students at a time to find a clothespin of the correct color and then correctly match the bone name on the clothespin to the bone x-ray on the volleyball net, and then go tag the other two players on their team. (both pairs on a team will go twice)

Award points for finishing. When all teams are finished, have class move close to the net and check answers. Give points for each correct answer.

Discuss the answers with the class reviewing the bones and their locations in the body.

Assessment Ideas:

Note the number of correct and incorrect placements of the clothespins.

Teaching Suggestions:

This activity can be modified to use pictures of muscles or other body parts.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

If there are students who have disabilities, the whole team could work as a group.

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Submitted by Daria Winker who teaches at Delmar-Harvard Elementary in St. Louis, MO. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 12/7/2001.

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Docia Craft

Great activity. Where did you get the xrays?