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Name of Activity:

Baby Project - Cost Analysis - First Year of Life

Purpose of Activity:

Students will determine the costs associated with teenage pregnancy and childbirth through age 1 of the child. By showing teens the high costs involved, they may make better decisions about becoming sexually active.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

The materials the students need will depend on how the students choose to present their final project. Each student will give a full report of his/her findings using any medium of choice. Examples of delivery include PowerPoint presentations, homemade videos, baby books, brochures, etc.

Description of Idea

Students will discover the cost of the following by making phone calls to the offices' billing departments, visiting stores, using online sites. 

  1. Prenatal Care including tests, diagnostic ultrasound, doctor charges for the 9 months of pregnancy. (call physician office)

  2. Hospital charges - labor/delivery and anesthesia charges (call hospital)

  3. Pediatrician charges - well/sick visits, all immunizations (call physicians office)

  4. Diaper costs for one year

  5. Food costs for one year (formula, baby fruit, vegetables, cereal)

  6. Cost of furnishing a nursery 

  7. Child care costs for 9 months so the mother can return to school

  8. Essential items such as stroller, car seat, outlet covers, high chair, etc. (Students can visit store or do searches online for prices)

  9. Infant and toddler clothing costs for the year

  10. Miscellaneous items that are needed

Assessment Ideas:

Students will give a full report of their findings using any medium of their choice. Examples of delivery include PowerPoint presentations, home made videos, baby books, brochures, etc. Students are very surpised at how quickly the costs mount. It definitely fosters class discussions regarding responsibility and making good sound decisions.

Teaching Suggestions:

Students are generally given 6 - 8 weeks to complete this assignment. They may work alone or with a partner. Individuals may email me for copies of the entire project (

Submitted by Shelly Manes who teaches at Wyoming High School in Wyoming, OH. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 9/11/2007.
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Baby Project - Cost Analysis - First Year of Life

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The ultimate result of this project is that none of your students are going to want to have children when they grow up. This project is a ton of work. A simple lesson on why teenage pregnancy is bad is sufficient; projects like this are a massive waste of students' time.

Piper Devers

This project is great. I have been using this project for the last three years. Each year, the projects get better and better. The students love it and the parents adore it. The students get to showcase their creativity as well as their research abilities.


i want answers. not the same questions

Lillianna sanchez

Well, i just started doing this project t0day and she is 0nly giving us 3 weeks and iam 0nly in the seventh grade..L0l. But its kinda fun. : )

Kevin Kim

gwah, can't find the furnishing costs.. LOL... helpp D:


ughhh weree doing this noww ! where are the answerrrrs ?!!!!!! -__-


my health teacher copied it too but there arn't any answers on this site :(



my health teacher also copied this assignment. and no, it has no answers, what a pitty. :[


i cant believe my teacher is so lazy that he went on here and copied this frickin assignment ! what a bum!


hey :)
Im actually doing this project right now for tomorrow and i think is really cool. Is kind of difficult to find the stuff but, I'll find them lol. . .
Oh, uhm, . .i'm in 8th grade, too, this says is supposed to be for 9th graders and up.. ? o_0


My Health teacher, Mrs. Andrews, gave me this project to do recently. I'm in 8th grade, and I thought this was the coolest project ever! Thx for creating a really fun and cool project!

sophie and katie

this project is super cool


it doesnt show the answers

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