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Name of Activity:

Wacky Olympics

Purpose of Activity:

To have students enjoy a fun field day near the end of the school year.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

See below in the description.

Description of Idea

Here are some stations that I used for my field day at Allen Avenue Elementary School (K-4). The students and teachers really enjoyed the stations. All children received a ribbon at the beginning of the day, exclaiming: “Everyone is a winner at Allen Ave!”


Students line up in two teams with the first person from each team standing inside a starting hoop. Give these two students a "torch"- a plunger. On the signal to begin, the two students will run to the cone and run back. They will hand the torch to the next student in line who will then run to the cone and back. This will continue as above until all team members have had a turn.

Equipment needed: Event sign, 2 Toilet Plungers , 2 large orange cones.


Students line up in three teams with the first person from each team standing inside a starting hoop. Give every student a decorated hoop and a cup. On the signal to begin, the students will fill their cups with water and run to the five gallon bucket. Students will dump the contents of the cup into the bucket, give the next student in line the hoop and cup and go to the end of the line. Play will continue until all students have gone (with each team having equal turns). A measurement will be taken with the yardstick when all students have completed the relay. The team with the most water in their bucket will be declared the winners.

Equipment needed: Event sign, 3 hula hoops with paper (dragon tail),3 large buckets filled with water, 3 empty buckets, 3 plastic cups, and a yard stick.


The first five students stand behind the line and throw their "Javelins" (Fun Noodles) one person at a time. You may use a student to watch to see that no student steps over the line. Students may throw their javelins any way they wish. Have the next five students continue as described above and so forth until all have a turn.

Equipment needed: Event sign, 5 Javelins (5 Fun Noodles)


Students line up in three teams with the first person from each team standing on a poly spot. Give these two students a hockey stick and a potato. On the signal to begin, these students will use the hockey stick to move the potato around the cone and back to the start where they will hand their hockey stick to the next player in line. This will continue as above until all team members have had a turn.

Equipment needed: Event sign, 3 plastic hockey sticks, 3 large orange cones, small bag of baking potatoes.


Students line up in three teams with the first person from each team standing on a poly spot. Give the first student in line two "chopsticks" (rhythm sticks). On the signal to begin, the first student will pick up the rubber chicken from inside the hoop using only the chopsticks. (They may not use hands or stick the chop stick inside the chicken). They will have to bring the chicken down to their stir fry pan, then return the sticks to the next student in line, who then goes to the pan and must bring the chicken back to the group and the process continues until everyone has had a turn.

Equipment needed: Event sign, 3 hula hoops, 3 rubber chickens, and 2 chopsticks per line, 3 stir fry pans


Students will line up in three equal lines and the first person in each line will receive a piece of string. They will run down to their teams bucket (which is filled with green, red, and white colored pasta) and take out one green piece of pasta, and thread it on to the string and return to the line. The next student runs to the bucket and strings a white piece of pasta and runs back to the line. The relay continues until a line has completed their team necklace in a Green, White, and Red order.

Equipment needed: 3 poly spots, 3 containers, green, white, and red pasta (A few days before the field day....dye 1/3 of ziti RED, 1/3 of ziti GREEN, and 1/3 ziti natural color and mix in a bucket)pasta, string


Students will line up in two equal lines, the first person in each line is given a star ball. The ball must be passed over the head of the first student and under the legs of the second student, then over the head of the third student ...keeping this pattern until the ball reaches the end of the line. Then, the last person in line runs with the star ball to the front of the line and the pattern begins again.

Equipment needed: 2 star balls (any ball will do), 2 poly spots, 2 cones


All students will find a piece of the “machine” (parachute) to hold on to, and practice making big waves. When the children are ready, the volunteers will add the popcorn (white yarn balls). The harder the children shake the “machine” the more “popcorn” will be added.

Equipment needed: 1 parachute, yarn balls


Students will get into three equal lines. The first person in each line will receive a activity tube and a tennis ball. The tennis ball is placed top of the tube, and the first person runs down and around the cone. When he/ she returns to the line, they will give it to the next person who will do the same thing. If the ball is dropped, the student must stop, and place the ball back on top before continuing.

Equipment needed: 3 PCV tubes, 3 tennis balls, 3 cones, 3 poly spots


Students will be able to get a drink of juice, and rest in the shade.

Equipment needed: Juice mix, container, ice, table, cups, trash can

Submitted by Kimberly  Mooney in North Providence , RI . Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/29/2001.
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Wacky Olympics

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thank you so much this will help enhance our Olympic week at summer camp this year


this is awesome




Will the dye on the Ziti get on the kids if they have done previous water events????? How do you dye them?




Thanks for posting such great ideas! I am going to pass theis site on to my daughter's Brownie Troop Leader for use at our Thinking Day event this month!

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