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Name of Activity:

Ditto - A Cooperative Game

Purpose of Activity:

To develop cooperation skills.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Volleyball net, parachute, 2 folding mats, 4 clip boards with paper, 8 pencils, misc. equipment for the 8 piles (see setup map).

Description of Idea

Before class divide a section of your gym into four sections. We use the volleyball net with a parachute over it and two folding mats. Set out miscellaneous equipment to build with. For example one pile may consist of two pillo pollo sticks and a ball, etc. You can add additional equipment for the higher grade levels. See map to see how piles are set up to allow the game to be played four times without building and writing with the same equipment twice.

Students will work in groups to first build/design something using equipment given. Then the students will write a detailed description of what they built. After all groups are finished they switch directions and try to build the other teams design by following their directions. Note: groups cannot see one another. The students will then look at what was built and discuss how directions were written and followed.

Have the students all start building using the center piles. Then when they switch directions they will switch with the group illustrated with the same colors. When students rebuild they will all use outside piles (this will give them the same material to work with as the group that built and wrote the directions.) For the second time, have the students build from same 1/4 section. This time the groups will build and write using the outside equipment. When directions are swapped again they will rebuild using inside equipment. For third and fourth times, have students switch to sections illustrated with other color set. Follow same inside-outside plan from first and second times played.

After students are done rebuilding, allow students to check the designs to see if they are alike. Then facilitate a discussion on how well directions were written and followed. We allow students 5 minutes to build and write directions and 3 minutes to rebuild. Use more or less time based on your situation and class size.

Ditto Image


The concept of Ditto can be used in other ways. For example, use it during a dance unit. Have students make up a dance move, write the directions, and have the other students try to copy it. Other examples could be: Basketball - describe a play or a move, Gymnastics, build movement sequences and have other groups try to copy.

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Ditto - A Cooperative Game

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I love this game I did it in 1,2,3 grade its so fun I bet you'll like it to.

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I did not lurean eanything from this web sit

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i meant it cant be INappropriate for school

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i want to play a game and it has to be fun. it cant be apropriate for school!!

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