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Name of Activity:

EGG-Cercise Relays: Spring Fun Day

Purpose of Activity:

This is a fun holiday circuit training activity that promotes good sportsmanship and encourages students to challenge themselves using a variety of throwing and catching tasks.


Basic throwing and catching skills.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

27 - 35 plastic eggs; 1 spoon, 7 hula hoops, 10 poly spots, 1 long jump rope, 11 cones, 6 baskets or large square plastic containers (hula hoops can also be subsituted), boom box and up beat music.

Description of Idea

Divide students into groups of 4 or 6, and direct each group to one of the 5 stations. When the music starts, the students will perform the activity at that station. When the music stops, they are guided to the next station.

STATION 1: EGG TOSS: Students are lined up opposite one another, about 5 - 10 feet apart depending on tossing skills. Teams of two partners are created. One plastic egg is provided per team. Students toss the egg back and forth, trying not to drop it. After each successful catch the students step one step back creating a greater challenge. Each time the egg drops, they move one step closer.

STATION 2: EGG RUN: Students line up in single file. Each student takes a turn running across a field where approx. 20 eggs are scattered on the ground. The student grabs one egg and runs back to the line. The student opens the egg and reads out loud the direction on the paper inside (i.e., 5 jumping jacks, 3 sit ups, give everyone a high Five, etc). The whole group must perform the exercise. The paper is then placed back in the egg and the next student in line returns the egg to the field and chooses a different egg. The process repeats itself. (You can also have students pair up and wheelbarrow to retrieve eggs).

STATION 3: EGG BALANCE: Students are lined up in single file. The first student is given a plastic egg which he/she will balance on a spoon. A cone is placed approx. 10 feet away from the front of the line. The student places the egg on the spoon and tries to balance it to the cone and back (students can use various locomotor skills). When the student returns to the line, he/she gives the spoon and egg to the next person in line and returns to the end of the line.

STATION 4: EGG THROW: Set up baskets, containers or hoops at different distances (numbers can be placed on each to represent points). Students line up in single file. The first student is given 3 eggs and attempts to toss each egg into the target. The student then retrieves the eggs (and counts up the points) and returns to the end of the line. He/she will attempt to beat his/her own last score.

STATION 5: EGG OBSTACLE COURSE: Set up a mini obstacle course (this can vary depending on equipment and layout of school). Set up hula hoops in a hopscotch formation. Then lie the jump rope out flat or curved (for greater challenge), scatter poly spots, and set up cones in a straight line with an egg resting on top of the last cone. Students will need to hopscotch through hoops, balance along the rope (if rope has handles, caution students not to stand on handles), hop or jump from poly spot to poly spot, zig zag through the cones. The student retrieves the egg and gives the egg to the next person in line who will bring the egg back through the obstacle course and lay it back on the cone.

CONCLUSION: When all the groups have completed all the stations, they may be rewarded with a plastic egg with a surprise treat inside!

Assessment Ideas:

If desired, teacher can observe students' ability to throw and/or catch using cues that have been previously introduced. Are students able to consistenly use these cues while playing? In addition, teacher may also choose to assess students' ability to cooperate with others (talk nicely, encourage others, etc.).

Submitted by Anna Mintz who teaches at Aviara Oaks in Carlsbad, CA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 3/31/2002.
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EGG-Cercise Relays: Spring Fun Day

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