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Name of Activity:

Aerobics / Dance Project

Purpose of Activity:

For students to work in groups to create original dances or aerobic routines.


Previous practice of some dance and aerobic routines and moves.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

CD/Tape player, anything else the students need as a result of their designed routines.

Description of Idea

Have students get into groups of 3-5. Each group gets a copy of the Dance Aerobics Project Description. Provide class time as you see appropriate for your students to develop and practice their routine.

Once all students have completed their routines (may take a day or two), have each group present their routine to the entire class, then teach their routine to the class.


Separate this lesson idea so that groups have to create both the aerobics and line dance routines.

Assessment Ideas:

Teaching Suggestions:

Students should write out the steps to their routine to turn in with other assessment sheets.

This lesson could take a number of class periods if each group teaches their dance or aerobics routine to the entire class. This portion can be skipped.

Collaborate with English teachers for the creative origin of the dance paper.

Submitted by Christy Haynes who teaches at Hickory High School in Hickory, NC. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 11/4/2008.
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Aerobics / Dance Project

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sandra gomez

WOW.... I like this activity


nice activitys

George Tolbert

This looks like a great Activity. Will try on my high school students. Escambia Charter High School, Gonzalez,Fl (Pensacola)


Thank you ,Ilove it ,well done

Andrea D. Heckman

BAH, you can search it on School Tube by typing in the title: "3 guys a girl and a workout video"


Does anyone have any advice to help students get into this project?
Andrea D. Heckman, I would like to see the youtube video. What was is the link or do you have that title that I can search for it. I would like to show my class an example. Thanks


i liked this activity very much because not only was it fun but also it helped get in the shape i wanted to get in only three month!!! IT ROCKS!!!!!!

Gina Hobson

Thanks for a great assessment tool. My HS classes loved it. They were very creative with the type of workout they did and very appreciative of not having to do a traditional paper-pen assessment.

Bridget McKenzie

Thank you pe central, and Christy this is a great unit for our girls in year 10 who are not into competative sports. They really enjoyed their first lesson and I saw a couple more active trying out new ways to move than I have seen them all year. Cheers, Bridget

Andrea D. Heckman

This project was HS kiddos loved it! I even had one group make a DVD as and they also posted it to "you tube" so all of their friends could view the video. The rubric was very helpful and it can be modified to fit your students needs..I give this one an A+++. Thanks Christy for sharing.

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