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Name of Activity:

E.T. Phone Home

Purpose of Activity:

Students must come up with a communication plan and implement it to complete the challenge.


Some team building skills.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Cones, large inflated auto inner-tubes, blindfolds, a big field.

Description of Idea

This is an activity that is done outside on a big field like a soccer field or football field. Mark the endlines with cones (you could also use soccer goals or some kind of goals that the inner-tube can fit through) and place the inner-tubes at midfield. Break the class up into 3-5 groups (depending on the class size).

The groups choose one person from their group to be the listener. The listener will stand in the inner-tube at mid field. The rest of the group then has to go to the designated end-line and stand next to a cone without the listener seeing where they are. The students in the inner-tube will be blindfolded and spun around. The groups at the endline cannot make a sound or they are disqualified. This prevents the students from trying to give clues to their teammate in the tube. When everyone is all set, remind the students inside the tube that their first step is up and over the tube. This will help them avoid tripping over the tube and hurting themselves.

On the word "go", the teams try and call their teammate back to their group. Once the blindfolded student gets to their group he or she can take off the blindfold and proceed with their group back to their inner-tube where they will try to kick it across the length of the field into a goal or endline. The kids love this activity and it's a riot for the teachers to watch also.


Students are not allowed to speak. This way they have to call their teammate by clapping, animal sounds or whistling.

Have teams at both endlines. This will confuse the person in the tube and really make them listen.

Have the group talk the listener back to the middle of the innertube and kick it back across the endline.

Once the listener is back to the endline, he/she removes the blindfold and the rest of the group puts the blind fold on. The original listener then must talk her/his entire group back to the inner-tube and guide them to kicking it back across the endline.

Assessment Ideas:

Have them think of ways other than speaking that they could have communicated with their teammate.

Have students describe their communication plans.

Submitted by Brian  Crawford in Dunkirk , NY . Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 1/29/2001.
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E.T. Phone Home

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Previous Comments:


What are they trying to kick? The inner tube?


do you think the inner-tube could be subsituted with a hula-hoop, or anything else?

E. Schimdt

Also, there should be a teacher stndaing near by so the person wont trip and also they can tell them if they are going to run into a tree or bush . . . . :)

Elizabeth Schimdt

This is a fun game I have played it before with my kids and they loved it !

T. Comandari

I would suggest that the teacher stay close to the blindfolded student. In all the excitement we had a student unable to decipher where she was going and fell. Both the teacher and her team were too far to grab her as she made her way off the field of play. She's fine, but it was scary.

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