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Name of Activity:

On The Move

Purpose of Activity:

For students to demonstrate proper space awareness by moving safely away from others in the playing area.

Activity cues:

Look out for others!


Introduction to the concepts of self-space and general space.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

1 large carpet square per student, CD player, songs with a fast or moderately fast tempo.

Description of Idea

Start out by reviewing self-space and how to maintain it while moving, by watching out for others and moving away from others. Their challenge for the day is to move for the whole lesson without bumping into anyone else! Explain the activity, then, as follows:

Everybody will have a carpet square. While the music plays, everybody starts the movement that has been called out; when the music stops, stop moving and listen for the next movement to perform. If you wreck into someone two (or more) times, you'll have to take your carpet square to the "auto shop" (on the sideline) to get repaired (have a time-out for about 20 seconds, after which they have to point out someone who is moving safely in order to rejoin the activity). Then hand out a carpet square (approximately 18" x 18") to each student.

Movements students can perform with the carpet square:

Standing Up:

1. Bend over & push carpet square with both hands on the square-keep head up.

2. Bend over & pull carpet square with both hands on the square-keep carpet square on ground.

Sitting On Carpet Square:

3. Sit on bottom, cross both legs like a pretzel and use only hands to move forward.

4. Same as above except move backwards.

5. Sit on bottom, use only legs to move forward.

6. Same as above except move backwards.

7. Sit on bottom, use hands & legs to move forward.

8. Same as above except move backwards.

Sit On Knees:

9. Sit on knees using hands to move forward.

10. Same as above except move backwards.

11. Sit on one knee, put other leg behind and push with only one leg.

12. Same as above except use other leg.

Lie On Stomach:

13. Lie on stomach and use hands and feet to move forward.

14. Same as above except use only hands.

15. Same as above except use only feet.

16. Lie on stomach and use only hands to move backwards.

Skateboard (standing up, only one leg on carpet, other on floor):

17. Use only one leg to skate forward.

18. Use other leg to skate forward.

Both Legs (standing on carpet with both feet):

19. Move forward

20. Move backward

21. Move sideways

Do your own thing!:

22. Create own way of moving with carpet square.


This can be used as an "instant activity" for older students.

Assessment Ideas:

Students will be assessed on their ability to demonstrate spatial awareness by showing that they are able to do this activity without bumping or running into other students or walls in the gym.

Teaching Suggestions:

This activity works best on wooden floors.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

This activity could be adapted for any student by modifying the movements performed or by having them ride a scooter with wheels thus allowing them to move easier.

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Submitted by Randy  Votava who teaches at Carl Ben Eielson Elementary School in Grand Forks AFB , ND . Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 2/2/2001.

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On The Move