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Name of Activity:

Cone Baseball

Purpose of Activity:

To have students practice their batting skills.

Activity cues:

  • Grades 1-2: "favorite hand on top"; "side to target"; "stretch arms" (to see how far away from tee one should stand)
  • Grades 3-5: "level swing"; "hit ball where partners aren't"; "fielders work together to get the batter out"

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

One cone, batting tee, (plastic oversized) bat, and whiffle ball for each pair or trio of students. May want to have different size balls for students to hit as well.

Description of Idea

Have grades 1-2 in pairs and grade 3 in trios. Introduce one or two of the above mentioned cues for batting which students will be working on this day.

A cone is set up approximately 15-25 feet away from the batting tee; the fielder stands in the field behind this cone. The batter scores runs by running continuously between the cone and the tee after he/she hits the ball. One run is scored each time the batter touches the cone or tee.

The batter is out (has to stop running and scoring runs) when the fielder retrieves the ball and runs back to the cone that is 15-25' away from the batting tee, touches it with the ball, and says out. The batter switches to become the fielder after 2 at bats.

As students bat, observe to see if they are using the cues introduced and help as needed. Use our Teachers Cue Checklist Sheet to note informatio about each student's performance.

Teaching Suggestions:

  • Don't tell grade 3-5 students about the strategies used to get
    the batter out at the beginning of the lesson. Let them begin playing and
    then bring them together to discuss this.
  • For the 3rd-5th graders pinpoint groups of students who you see using good strategies. For example, if one fielder stays at the cone and the other fielder throws it to him/her, instead of both fielders running to get the ball.

  • For grades 1 & 2, you may need to bring them in to discuss what happens when the runner and the fielder get to the cone at the same time. As this is a fast moving
    game--students really get a workout--taking this break is usually

Safety Tips

  • Don't let kids swing a bat near other people in the area. May want to have a rope around the hitting area that designates you can't enter this area while someone is batting.

Submitted by Christine Hopple who teaches at Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/30/2001.
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Cone Baseball

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Amber B.

I have been using this activity for MANY years!
It's wonderful...a great introduction to striking and then running bases. I use it as a kicking lead-up activity as well!

Thanks for posting

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