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Name of Activity:

Partner Mile Run/Heart Rate Calculation

Purpose of Activity:

To work on improving fitness, calculating target heart rates, and prepare for the mile run physical fitness test.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

A clipboard for 1/2 of your class is helpful, a pencil or pen for each student, and the Partner Recording Sheet (pdf document).

Description of Idea

The students partner up and each fill out the top of the attached partner mile form. I either let the kids decide which one of the two will run in the first mile or we do some sort of activity to decide who will be the first runner and who will be the second runner. While the first group of kids is running and being timed on the mile run, their partners are sitting (stretching) in a designated area with their own and their partner's mile paper. They listen for and record their partner's lap times as they reach the start/finish line. When the 1st runners complete their mile, there is someone at the finish line taking 6 second heart rates for the finishing runners. When all runners have completed the first mile, the kids switch and the partners then run the mile. This lesson takes an entire regular class period. If you are on block scheduling (1 1/2 - 2 hour class periods) it would be a great lesson for 1/2 of the period.

Assessment Ideas:

The students place the mile run activity sheet in their portfolio each time that they complete it. They can really see for themselves how they are improving.
(Use for goal setting)

Teaching Suggestions:

Have students jump rope while their partners complete their first lap, and then take their own pulse every 15 seconds to see how quickly their heart rate slows. This way they warm up before stretching.

Submitted by Cara  Macomber who teaches at Paso Robles High School in Paso Robles , CA . Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 1/10/2001.
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Partner Mile Run/Heart Rate Calculation

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D, C. Garrett

This sounds like an excellent lesson. I like the teaching suggestion also.I am going to try it this Fall.

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