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Name of Activity:

Mario Chain Chomps

Purpose of Activity:

This game keeps children moving and busy but gives a small rest period at times. This rest period could be used to check heart rate. There are parts of this game that cover all 4 areas of fitness and could be used to discuss fitness concepts, body reaction to exercise, muscle groups or body systems.


How to monitor Heart Rate, introduction to fitness concepts, and introduction to different loco-motor movements

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

1 foam ball (we use gator skin) for every 5 students
One ˝ pool noodle
Full lesson plan (PDF)

Description of Idea

Set up: If you do not have a gym where a “volleyball court” or similar area is marked off, you will need to use cones or floor tape to mark off an inner rectangle with a line running through the middle as shown below. The rectangle should be wide enough on both sides of the line for several students to perform exercises without touching. The track will need to be wide enough for 3 or 4 students to run without bumping or touching the wall.


This game is modeled after the Mario Karts Video Game so the names of the players come from that game.

Choose several taggers (Chain Chomps), there should be 1 per every 5-7 children in class. They will each have a foam ball.

Choose 1 Mario. This person will have a pool noodle (Fire Power Up Flower). All other students are a Mario Karts Character (or just a regular student). Have students spread out in good self space in the circuit area or race track. Instruct students to use a certain locomotor skill and move in a certain direction. Everyone will move in this way.

Students will begin moving around the circuit or race track using the teacher chosen loco-motor skill. They all go in the same direction for safety reasons as well as to form the race track atmosphere. The Chain Chomps (taggers) are trying to touch the other students on the back or arm with the foam ball. If a student is tagged they will go to the Pit (exercise area) to perform the following.

* 1st time tagged (one push up performed correctly) then return to track
* 2nd time tagged (two curl-ups performed correctly)t hen return to track
* 3rd time tagged (sit cross legged until rescued by Mario) could use this time for a heart rate check
* This pattern continues each time they are tagged.
* Once the exercise is performed they may return to the game.

Mario (rescuer) will carry the ˝ pool noodle as his Fire Power Up Flower. Mario has two jobs: touch the Chain Chomps (taggers) and rescue the students who are sitting in the exercise area.

If a Chain Chomp gets touched by Mario, they must go to the Pit and perform 10 exercises of their choice. Mario needs to pay close attention to who is in need of help as he/she moves around the gym. Remember Mario must move in the same direction as the runners.

After allotted time, teacher will stop game and switch Chain Chomps and Mario (this is a good time to have children check heart rate or talk about what their body is doing in response to exercise.


1. Have students move in different locomotor skills - talk about which one causes the biggest increase in heart rate
2. Have students perform different exercises and discuss whether the exercises are for strength, endurance or flexibility or a combination.
3. Make a circuit or track that is not oval.
4. Use scooters for movement, if using scooters, the exercises could also involve the scooter (ab roller, seated windshield wipers or circles with feet on scooter, etc.)

Assessment Ideas:

* Students will monitor heart rate during game and do a self assessment of aerobic activity level.

* Teacher will observe different loco-motor movements of students and assure that students are playing by the rules of the game.

* The teacher will also ask questions at the conclusion of the game, some higher level questioning included. (Which loco-motor skills caused your heart rate to increase the most? Why?)

Submitted by Karenina Baker who teaches at W. W. Robinson Elementary in Woodstock, VA. Additional authors for this idea were Dylan Sligh - 3rd grade student and creator of the game. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 9/18/2017.
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Mario Chain Chomps

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