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Name of Activity:

Scooter Fitness Individual Activities

Purpose of Activity:

To increase overall muscle strength and endurance.


Students must understand and consistently implement the safety procedures when using a scooter board.

Materials Needed:

Scooter Boards
Swim Noodles

Description of Idea

Scooter Fitness activities are individual fitness activities that students can do using scooter boards. Many of these activities do a great job of strengthening a students core. Make sure you teach students how to properly do these by showing these videos on a screen or have them look at the videos on their phone if they are doing this as a station. In addition, make sure to stress how important safety is when using the scooters. There are 11 videos below.

Scooter Knee Tuck

Scooter Crossing

Scooter Push and Pull

Scooter Noodle Spin

Scooter Crab Tuck

Scooter Inch Worm

Scooter Crab Leg Circles

Scooter Pushup and Tuck

Scooter Plank Exchange

Scooter Plank Exchange 2

Scooter Around the Clock Pushups

Submitted by Justin Cahill in Marietta, GA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 10/19/2016.
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Scooter Fitness Individual Activities

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Previous Comments:

Jake Craig

Wow! Great exercises. Not only will I use these in class with my students, but I will start to use them in my own personal workouts. Thank you!

Joe Kravitz

Thanks for posting Justin. I have been running out of ideas on how to use scooters for fitness, this helps a lot.

Diane Burke

Great fitness scooter ideas. I was looking for fitness stations and I am excited to be able to add a scooter staion for my class as I have limited gym space and large classes.

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