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Name of Activity:

Trip Around the World Field Day

Purpose of Activity:

To have students engage in a fun and active field day while taking a trip around the world.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Listed with the activities below.

Description of Idea

The following field day comprises of stations that are representing different countries around the world. Set these up safely and your kids and staff will love doing this field day. As part of this field day, the kids come up with a cheer with the class as part of a team building exercise. I encourage their classroom teachers to make it about the country they represent.

Pre Field Day Needs:

• 12 to 14 different 3x5 flags from countries around the world attached to a PVC flag pole. I have 12 to 14 flags for each class to represent a country (that way there is a little more variety for them to choose). It could be done with 10 flags though.
• Classes or group select flag they will represent before the field day starts or you can assign classes the flag beforehand.
• Classes will create a cheer to be shared on field day. Make sure to let them (and their classroom teacher) know about this weeks in advance so they can investigate the country. The cheer will be shared at lunch time. The purpose of this is to have them work on some team building and cooperation. It is not graded.
• Schedule (10 x 15 minute rotations with a lunch break and class cheers in the middle of the day).
• Parent Volunteers to help run or assist at each station.


1. The Swiss Cheese Squeeze (Sponge Relay)
• Supplies needed: 12 small kitchen sponges, 4 large buckets field with water, 4 beach buckets.
• Set up: Split class into 4 groups line up behind large bucket with water and sponges. Place beach bucket approx. 30 feet away from large bucket.
• Playing the game: Relay format with first person in line dunking the sponge in the water and running to beach bucket. They can squeeze out the sponge with hand on elbow, knee, or forehead. They run back and give the next person in line. Repeat until the bucket is filled or time is up.

2. Building the Egyptian Pyramids (Giant Cup Stacking)
• Supplies needed: 36 five gallon buckets, 3 cones for staring lines, set of Speed stacking cups, table or desk.
• Set up: Set starting cones 20 to 30 feet from a set of 12 buckets approx . 10 feet apart. Speed stacking cups on desk
• Playing the game: Volunteer sets up speed stacking cups on desk in a pattern (you can use 3-6-3 or 6-6 or be creative)
In relay format teams run and set up the buckets matching the cups on the desk. First team done wins the game. Game can be repeated to fit the 15-minute time frame.

3. Italian Meatball Catch (Splash Ball Catch)
• Supplies needed: 4 cooking strainers, 4 large buckets, 60 splash balls, 4 cones or line on ground
• Set up: Fill 4 water buckets with water and place 15 splash balls in each bucket. Place buckets 10 to 15 feet from cooking strainers.
• Playing the game: Split class into 4 teams with each team lining up behind a bucket. First person takes the strainer and lines up 10 to 15 feet from bucket. In a relay format remaining team members attempt to toss splash balls into strainer, which is being held on top of teammates head. Teams switch the person holding the strainer after 5 tosses. First team to get a set number (10 to 15 catches) wins the game.

4. The Yukon Gold Rush (Golf Ball Hunt)
• Supplies needed: 4 beach buckets, 200 to 300 golf balls (painted gold or silver)
• Set up: Place 4 buckets spread apart approx. 8 to 10 feet. Spread golf balls in a large area (varies depending on location, a field works best) in front of the buckets.
• Playing the game: In a relay format 4 teams run out and collect one golf ball and return it to their bucket. Next person repeats the process and the game continues for 5 to 7 minutes. At the end teams count their gold (2 points) and silver (1 point) with the highest score winning the game. Teams then spread the balls out and play again.

5. Canadian Geese Migration
• Supplies needed: 2 plastic swimming pools, 100 (50 each color) small plastic ducks, 2 fishing nets, 2 foot launchers, 2 cones.
• Set Up: Fill the 2 pulls with 8 to 12 inches of water and place approx. 30 feet apart. Place foot launchers 15 feet from 2nd pool. Place ducks in first pool and cones 15 feet from first pool.
• Playing the game: In a relay format, first person takes the fishing net, runs to 1st pool and scoops out a duck. Then run to the foot launcher and attempt to launch the duck into the 2nd pool. Repeat with next person until time runs out.

6. Sweedish People Pullers (Tug of War)
• Supplies needed: Tug of war rope, 4 cones or 2 lines on ground, flag for middle of rope
• Set Up: Lay rope out with cones or lines 10 feet distance from the middle of the rope.
• Playing the Game: Class is split into 4 groups. 2 groups line up on either side of the rope. On the signal to start teams attempt to pull the rope until the middle flag is outside the cones or lines. Teams can alternate or be mixed to balance teams.

7. Kangaroo Hoping Relay (Sack Relay)
• Supplies needed: 4 potato sacks, 8 cones
• Set Up: Place 4 cones in a line approx. 8 feet apart for a starting line and other 4 cones 30 feet away. Place one sack at each of the starting cones.
• Playing the Game: In a relay format kids have two feet in a sack and attempt to hop down and back of far cone. The team with the most trips down and back in 5 minutes wins the game. (Modification could include 2 students with one leg each in sack).

8. Denmark Dice Game:
• Supplies needed: 4 sets of 10 dice, 4 cones and 4 hoops.
• Set Up: 4 cones spread 8’ apart for starting cones, hoops with 10 dice placed 40 feet away.
• Playing the game: In a relay format, first player runs down and rolls all ten dice. Then places all of a pre-called number into the hoop and runs back. Next person runs down and repeats with remaining dice. First team to get all 10 dice in the hoop with the pre-called number wins the game.

9. Japan Sushi Spelling Bee:
• Supplies needed: 200 to 300 ping pong balls marked with letters in the alphabet, plastic swimming pool filled 6 to 9 inches of water, 4 sets of kitchen tongs, 4 cones, spelling word list.
• Set Up: Fill pool with water and place ping pong balls into pool. Set cones 20 to 30 feet away from pool with kitchen tongs and 10 feet apart.
• Playing the game: Teacher or volunteer picks a word from the spelling list. In a relay format students run down with tongs and attempt to pick a ball out of the water and return to group. First team to spell out the chosen word wins the game.

10. Dutch Shoe Relay
• Supplies needed: 2 cones for starting points, 1 hoop.
• Set Up: Place two starting cones each 25 feet from hoop placed in the middle of the 2 cones.
• Playing the game: In a relay format, first person on each team runs from cone and places one shoe in hoop and runs back. Process is completed until each member has one shoe off. The process is then repeated until both shoes are off. The next step is to put on shoe back on and tied, then the second shoe on and tied. First team to complete the process wins the game.

Teaching Suggestions:

Make sure the area outside is set up safely and there are water stations and plenty of help from volunteers.

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Trip Around the World Field Day

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