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Name of Activity:

May the Force be With You Star Wars Field Day

Purpose of Activity:

To have students learn how to cooperate and use their physical skills to be successful during the Star Wars themed field day.


Kids and volunteers must know how to keep score tennis style (e.g., 0-0, 0-15, etc.)

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Frisbees, Short and Long Jump Ropes, Hula Hoops, Scooters, Tennis and Badminton Rackets, Flag Football Flags

Description of Idea

Make sure to set up your stations outside (or in the gym if you are inside) and make sure each station is demonstrated to the children before starting and to the volunteers at the station. In addition a map should be given to the classroom teachers so all of the kids know where they are going and how to rotate stations. Make sure to go over everything with all of the volunteers prior to the kids starting. All students will be participating at each station. Each event will have students divided into teams so each student will have a turn.

Make sure all safety precautions are taken so the volunteers have a phone, fanny pack with band aids, sunscreen, water, etc.). All kids should be in sneakers and not flip flops or bare feet.

Station 1: Frisbee (light saber) Dueling
Students will get into groups of 3. They will use a frisbee to throw to each other. They can choose to be as far apart as they want--their choice. Just like dueling with swords, they will throw a frisbee to one another with the aim of not dropping it. If someone misses a catch, the person who drops moves to the side and practices throwing and catching to themselves or they can do exercises. When the last one misses the start again. They will play this 3-4 times and then rotate to the next station.

Station 2: Group Hula Hoop Time Duels
Each student has a hula hoop of their choice. On signal, their goal is to keep the hula hoop going on their waist for as long as they can. The volunteers can announce who kept the hula hoop going the longest when each student has had a turn.

Station 3: R2D2 Races
Students will be racing with scooters (stress safety as all children must be on their bottom--make sure this is demonstrated to volunteers at the station) so this needs to be on a hard surface. They will be in groups of 4. On signal, the students begin moving their scooters to the other side that is marked by a cone at a distance that is your choice. They will tag the cone and race back with their scooter to the next group of students. The first team to finish their race, wins.

Station 4: Striking with Rackets Sword "Fight" (Use Tennis Rackets and Badminton Rackets)
Students will have a sword "fight" using tennis or badminton rackets. They will be challenged to hit a tennis shuttlecock back and forth to each other. They get to choose how far apart they stand so have cones set up at a distance and ask them to start there but they can move them. They will also be keeping score regular tennis style (e.g. 0-0, 0-15, 0-30, 0-40) so make sure this is taught during the year. The first person to get to 40 (or 4 points) wins. They play again until it is time to rotate to the next station. Variation: If they want to add a net (or any obstacle) to hit over they can.

Station 5: Chewbacca and Hans Solo vs. Darth Vader Dueling (Hoop Tag)
Have the station marked off by a number of cones with plenty of space. Choose several students to be “IT”, by standing in a hula hoop. They will tag those who run past them. When a student is tagged, they become “IT” and stand in the hula hoop. On the signal to go, students who are not it, run past those who are in the hula hoops. It will be a game of Chewbacca and Hans Solo vs. Darth Vader duel. If the hula hoop rolls and tags you, you will go out of bounds, do 5 Jumping Jacks (or any exercise or they have to do 5 hula hoops around their waist) and return to continue playing.

Station 6: Yoda and Count Dooku Duel (Flag Tag)
All students will have a flag hanging out of their pocket, or on their waistband. One team will be Yoda. They will have flags. The other is Count Dooku. They will not have flags on their person. On signal, both teams will move (does not have to be running, can be skipping, hopping, etc.) in various directions. If someone’s flag is pulled, they will go out of bounds and perform 5 flying jacks, and return to the game. After 5 minutes, the teams will be reversed and the game continues until they rotate.

Station 7: Obi Wan vs. General Grevius Dueling on a line
Students will be using a Jump Rope and racing to see who will get to the other side where a cone is and back. They will need to stay on their line, the entire race. If they fail to, they must start again and the next person on their team will go. They continue racing 3 or 4 times or until it is time to rotate.

Station 8: Princess Lei Run through/Jump With a Long a Jump Rope
Students will have a long jump rope. There will be two people at each end turning the rope. There will be 3 ropes, with students at each place. Two or three students will run in and jump until one stops or the twirling students get tired. If you miss, you take an end to turn and continue until you rotate to the next station.


Have Star Wars Theme music playing.

If not too warm, have a Star Wars dress up theme. Best costume gets an award. Make sure the costumes aren't too elaborate as you want the kids to be able to move freely.

Teaching Suggestions:

Make sure to train all volunteers in safety precautions and provide them with a fanny pack with band aids, sunscreen, water, etc.

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May the Force be With You Star Wars Field Day

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