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Name of Activity:

Star Wars Dance of the Storm Troopers

Purpose of Activity:

Students will perform a dance activity that will incorporate Star Wars music with dance, present a rhythmic challenge and teach the brain patterns and sequences.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Music player.

Recommended music:

“The Imperial March” by John Williams and the London Symphony from Star Wars, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. Available on iTunes

Beginning dance formation:

Student should be placed randomly around the teaching area with enough personal space to safely move and perform.

Description of Idea

This dance sequence is a choreographed routine meant to simulate the movement of the Storm Troopers from the Star Wars movies.

Combination #1 – March step - Hold for 4 counts and begin the combination on count 5.

1-4 – March RL (1-2) ball change RL 2x (&3&4). Repeat these movements for a total of 12 counts or 3x.

Combination #2 – Lasso Step and Bounces

1-8 –Extend the R arm above the head and make a lasso movement while extending R foot to the side (1) and stepping R next to L (2). Repeat for counts 3-4. Bounce with feet together 2x (5-8)

1-8 – Step back wide with R foot, flex knees and bounce 4x (1-4). Step back with L foot and bounce 4x (5-8). Suggestions for arms are included in the video. Students can also be challenged to create their own arm movements.

1-8 – Repeat lasso step on the L side.

1-8 – Repeat wide/bouncing steps moving to the front.

Combination #3 – Diagonal step

1-8 – Step to R, touch L toe next to R foot while extending arms diagonally above head to the R and pull arms down to hips (1-2) Reverse the movement to the L (3-4). Repeat movements to both R and L.

1-8 – Step forward R, rock back on L (1-2) March RL in place (3-4), Step back on R foot, rock forward on R foot (5-6) and flex R elbow L elbow (7-8)

1-8 Repeat opening march combination 2x

Combination #4 – Look out step

1-8 – Cross arms and look L while bouncing 2x (1-2) Lower arms to side and bounce 2x (3-4) Cross arms and look R while bouncing 2x (5-6), lower arms to side and bounce 2x (7-8)

Combination #5 – Bird Step

1-8 - Step forward on R foot and raise arms above head (1-4), step forward on L foot and lower arms back down to the side (5-8)

1-8 – Step forward on R foot, rock back on L, step back on R and rock forward on L (1-4). Repeat for counts 5-8. Arm patterns are suggested in the video or students can add their own interpretations.

1-8 – Repeat the bird step this time stepping back on the R foot (1-4) and then the L (5-8). Be sure to add the wing motion of the arms.

1-8 – Repeat the rock step as described above.

Combination #6 – Side step – Saber step

1-8 – Touch R toe out to side and raise R arm up, bring R toe back and lower R arm (1-2) step R to the side and close with L foot while extending R arm to side and back down to hip (3-4). Repeat these movements to the L. (5-8)

There are 6 counts in the music in which the R arm crosses the body, moves back to the side 2x (1-4), raise R arm up over the head and back down to the side.

Repeat both of these combinations

Combination #7 – 3 step turn

1-8 – 3 step turn to the R (1-4) on count 4 point to the L with the R hand, jump out-in (5-6), jump and place R heel forward and then L heel (7-8)

1-8 – Reverse the 3 step turn to the L

Combination #8 – Airplane Arms

1-12 - Raise R arm up and L arm down at an angle while doing a ball-change RL 3x, step L (1-4) Reverse to the L (5-8), reverse and repeat one more time.

Repeat March step (combination #1) 4x

Repeat the Lasso –Bounce (combination #2) step on the R and L side

Repeat the Diagonal step (combination #3)

Repeat the Side step – saber step (combination #6) 2x. When the saber step is repeated 2 additional arm movements will be added to make each saber combination 8 counts.
Repeat the March step (combination #1) 2x


1-8 Plie to the R (1-2) march LR (3-4) Repeat above 8 counts to the L

1-8 Plie to the front with R leg forward (1-2) march LR (3-4) Reverse with lunge to the back with L leg and march RL (5-8)

1-8 End with a 3 step turn (RLR touch) to the front (1-4) and 4 marches (5-8)

Hit 3 different poses on each ending sound. Students can be allowed to work together to see who can come up with the best Storm Troopers pose.

Assessment Ideas:

This dance can be assessed on memory and rhythm; can the students perform the combinations in the correct order and stay with the music? Creative thinking could in incorporated by asking the students to study the movement of the storm troopers and attempt to incorporate these characteristics into the dance. Students can also be allowed to add their own arm movements, interpretations etc.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities

Students will limitations, cognitive or physical, can do more repetitions of some of the movements and eliminate soon of the combinations. For instance, they could do the lasso – bounce step more times and eliminate the diagonal and look out steps. Similar changes to the steps can be make throughout the dance. Try to use cue words that will help the students remember the movements.


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Star Wars Dance of the Storm Troopers

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Wendy Sweet

Does anyone still have the video that teaches how to do the "Star Wars Dance of the Storm Troopers" from PE Central? I love teaching this to my middle school PE class, but I need the refresher!
Please help.


Hello from Indonesia!
My wife and I teach Pre-K, Kindergarten, and Homeschooling here.
This is the first video I looked at, (I'm a Star Wars fan). :)
We'll be looking at your videos regularly.
Thank you so much for such a rich resource!
Paul Peregord


wow did you know that I am going to use that for my spring dance. THANKS


Thank you so very much for making these lessons available. They made my day.

Mrs. Pinkney

Can't wait to try this with my 4/5 class! Thanks for sharing!


Great thanks

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