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Name of Activity:

Cardio Drumming to Uptown Funk

Purpose of Activity:

To work on rhythm and maintaining a steady beat. This is a basic routine, preparing students for more challenging ones in the future.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

One set of drum sticks or lummi sticks for each student. One stability ball for each student. A 5 gallon bucket, laundry basket or similar, for the stability ball to sit on.

Description of Idea

We teach these rhythm routines throughout the year and it is great to use as a warm up or part of a dance/rhythm unit. The video below and the handout of steps will really illustrate what you need to do to teach this to kids. They love it!

Written Steps of Routine

(Bridget Jones in shown in the video leading the class. She is a student teacher from Wright State University.)


If necessary, students can be seated or kneeling.

Use just one stick.

Teaching Suggestions:

If children have difficulty using the drum sticks appropriately have them use a plastic drinking straws.


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Cardio Drumming to Uptown Funk

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Previous Comments:

Coach V

What type/ size /brand of balls are best.
Suggesed place to purchase
Same info for buckets/sticks
Thanks for any info!

Stephanie W.

I love the idea, but was there a pre-lesson for this class or did they just go over moves right before performing? There are also no verbal cues?

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