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Name of Activity:

First Aid Booklet

Purpose of Activity:

Students engage in a hands-on activity to create their own first aid booklet.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Basic paper supplies to make booklets

Internet Resources to use in this activity:

Vocabulary Words to use in this activity:
Sprain, fracture, asphyxiation, pressure, temperature, unconscious, nausea, vomiting, splint, ace bandage, elevate, heat exhaustion, cramp, spasm, seizure, faint, clammy, dizzy, wound, laceration, stitches, etc.

Description of Idea

Step 1. The students have already read the first aid text and have seen the words used in context. In small groups, students can define the terms, using their own words. Then, the students can use the dictionary to complete definitions for any remaining words.

Step 2. The students discuss the definitions, using each of the words in sentences that they share around the circle of the small group.

Step 3. The students read the procedures for each of the first aid treatments presented in the text. They act out the processes while other group members take notes on the directions. As they are acting out the steps, students should use the new vocabulary in their instructions.

Step 4. Students then take the information that they used to act out the first aid procedures, and turn it into an illustrated booklet for others to use.

Step 5. Tell students to pretend they are the publishers of the best booklet on first aid. Write an advertisement for the radio or television designed to persuade people to buy their booklet. Use the new vocabulary in their advertisement.

Assessment Ideas:

The booklet should contain a minimum number of pages or treatments. Students should use all vocabulary words presented in the text.

Rate your booklet according to the following
statements: Agree----Disagree 

The booklet used all the vocabulary words.

The instructions were clear and easy to understand. 

The pictures were helpful to the reader.

All groups look at and evaluate the booklets created by all the other groups. 

Which one do you think is best? Why? 

What was good about the directions in the one you picked? 

What was good about the drawings?

They will use this discussion as a basis for the development of their own rubric.

Submitted by Christine  Singley who teaches at Meigs Magnet in Nashville , TN . Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 2/4/2001.
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First Aid Booklet

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Excellent activity. thank you verey much!!


kids can be very educated with this


this is a very great way for kidz to learn first aid procedures

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