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Name of Activity:

Capture the Flag with Speed Stacks

Purpose of Activity:

Students will work on speed stacking, chasing, dodging, and fleeing skills while playing a fun and active game.


Students should be able to perform the necessary stacking patterns (ex. 3-3-3, 3-6-3, and cycle) used in the game. The ability to chase, dodge, and flee safely in general space is also necessary for this game. Understand the various strategies of “Capture the Flag” including offense and defense.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

One or two sets of same color Speed Stacks per team, 5-10 sets of Speed Stacks for the “jail”, two hula hoops per team (same color as their Speed Stacks, ex. red team has two red hula hoops and 1-2 sets of red speed stacks), and dome cones for the “jails”.

Description of Idea

Set Up: This game can be played indoors or outdoors (if using a table for the “jail”). Divide the play space in half using dome cones for a midline, or use the half court line on a basketball court. For each team, set up one hula hoop in a baseline corner and one in the middle of the baseline (or inside a basketball key). Place the opposing team’s speed stacks separately inside the middle baseline hoop. For example, there is a blue team and a red team. The blue team will have two blue hula hoops with the red speed stacks scattered inside their middle baseline hula hoop. Set up a “jail” out of bounds at midfield/court with 5-10 Speed Stacks using the dome cones or designated space (ex. half court sideline).

Description: This is a student created game by a couple of advanced Speed Stackers. It is similar to “Rocks” and is played like “Capture the Flag”. There are two teams who are trying to steal their color Speed Stacks back onto their side and build their 6-6 (or two 6-6’s if using two sets for larger classes or longer class time) first. Players are allowed to steal one cup at a time and if they can successfully make it back without getting tagged, they are to place it in the hula hoop in the corner, where it is safe, cannot be stolen back, and will become part of the 6-6. If they get tagged, they go to “Jail” where they stack the specific stack (ex. 3-6-3 two times) and then they are right back into the game. If they are tagged while carrying a cup, the cup goes back to the hula hoop it was stolen from. Players can only be tagged if they are on their opponents’ side. The round is over when all 12 cups (or 24 if a larger class) have been returned to their side and built into a 6-6 (or two 6-6’s).

Assessment Ideas:

Assessment can be accomplished through observation of the student's ability to speed stack, chase, dodge, and flee.

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Submitted by Stephanie Rankin who teaches at Oregon Episcopal School in Portland, OR. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 10/23/2015.

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Capture the Flag with Speed Stacks