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Name of Activity:

Turtle Power Field Day

Purpose of Activity:

To celebrate the end of the year while reviewing the team building skills we learned throughout the year. This was all done with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (TMNT) theme.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Materials are listed in the description for each station, music player with TMNT playlist going in the background.

Description of Idea

For this themed TMNT field day we had several volunteers working the stations. We had a table for water breaks. We called it the sewer, since it was tying in with the turtles theme. We also had a TMNT playlist going for the students to listen to while participating in the activities.

The field day is comprised of 6 stations and a water station. They are described below. Feel free to change and adapt to meet your needs.

Pictures of some of the stations are below and will compliment and help clarify some of the station descriptions.


Materials: 3 kiddie pools, homemade slime, 100 easter eggs.

Activity: We created 4 lines for the turtles to stand in. Two lines by one pool and another 2 lines by the other pool. There was one giant pool with slime and eggs in it 30 feet away. The first turtle in all four lines will run down to the pool, collect one egg, and bring it back to their empty pool. Once they make it back to their original line, they must tag the next turtle's hand behind them for them to go next. The turtles waiting for their turn in line must jog in place. The quickest time for collecting all eggs will be recorded by the volunteer.


Materials: 4 buckets of water, 50 sponges, 50 water discs, Shredder, and a soccer net.

Activity: 4 giant buckets of sponges and water discs are lined horizontally to the turtles. All turtles will make one big line in front of the buckets. Everyone is throwing at once. Students are to throw the sponges and discs pass Shredder (I created Shredder from a mannequin and we had a volunteer dress like a ninja), into the net, for it to count as 1 point. Once all items have been thrown the volunteer counts how many landed in the net.


Materials: 30 boxes, 2 blowup dummies dressed like foot clan members, 4 buckets, and 75 splash balls.

Activity: There are 4 pools filled with splash balls, so 4 lines of turtles. There are stacks of boxes blocking the foot clan members. 4 turtles will throw at a time, and then the next group goes. The time stops once the foot clan members are knocked down. The boxes are blocking the members, so it makes it a challenge for the turtles, and also they get more times to throw. Time will be recorded by the volunteer on how long it took to knock them down.


Materials: 4 posts, and 3 kiddie pools filled with water.

Activity: Split the turtles into 3 groups. One group will start at one post, and then another, and finally the last group will finish. There are 3 parts of the activity. Split the group of turtles into 3. First group will start by sitting on the ground back to back and then try to stand up and walk to the next group. Once they have tagged the next group's hands, then its the next group's turn. The next group to make their way across 3 pools filled with water. If someone slips out of the pool that one turtle must start over. Once everyone has made it across successfully, they tag the next group's hands to go. The final group will play leap frog all the way across the finish line. The time doesn't stop until everyone in that group crosses the finish line. Time will be recorded once the final group crosses the finish line.


Materials: 8 stakes, silly string, yarn, hurdles, and 4 milk crates

Activity: We took posts and created a giant maze for the turtles to crawl through. There is yarn tied to the posts from above, and turtles have to crawl. There are hurdles and milk crates to jump over to start, hurdles to jump over to finish the crawl, and volunteers shooting silly string while they move through. The quickest time through the maze is recorded.


Materials: 25 ft long tarp, hoses, and splash pool

Game: This is our slip 'n slide station that we always have at the end for students.

Banner for Field Day

Station 2

Station 4

Station 4

Station 5

Station 6


Feel free to adapt any of the stations to fit the needs of your student body.

Teaching Suggestions:

Share your outline of stations with your volunteers and the classroom teachers weeks in advance so they know exactly what you are planning for the day.

Submitted by Drew Burris who teaches at La Monte R-IV in La Monte, MO. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 6/12/2015.
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Turtle Power Field Day

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